The Oneiric Devil

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The Oneiric Devil

Postby Summerlander » Mon May 22, 2017 1:30 am

It is time to find out whether or not I have an atheistic Satanist side after having had a dream last night where I pledged allegiance to the Devil. Lucifer is not a fallen angel. He is a symbolic Promethean rebel who turned me into a better version of my mediocre self in the realm of the mind.

Upon awakening, having regained my lucid senses and reason, I knew the Devil was only a psychical representation of anti-inhibition and an embrace of everything that pleases me. Ego doesn't have to dictate who I am as a whole, but it is a part of who I am which does not have to be eradicated. It can be, contrary to extreme Buddhist practice, psychologically fed.

We can improve ourselves as human beings without denying outright that which makes us human animals. Our instincts are manageable but can find expression. Satan is a symbol of the virtue of challenging the repressive nature of theism. I want to find out if LaVey's philosophy has something of great value to offer by reading THE SATANIC BIBLE. I know that it is in line with Epicureanism, which deeply resonates with me. It opposes the golden rule that would logically protect criminals who challenge incarceration in courts on the grounds that judges wouldn't like the same treatment.

It is those who zealously adhere to Abrahamic religions who are the fallen ones. Materialistic Satanism certainly criticises God's ludicrous Ten Commandments and is a rebellious force against homophobic mentality---since people are encouraged to embrace who they feel they are. It is also sensibly defiant of egalitarianism and democracy ...

Although we are all sentient beings, we are not the same on many levels. Some people can be described as introverted; others are extroverted. Some have an empathetic conscience; others are downright psychotic. There is an undeniable psychological spectrum.

This is may be the next philosophical step. This is boldly claiming an identity that demands recognition and respect since being secular and solely atheistic is ignominiously frowned upon by the pharisaic religious masses as well as the 'politically correct' VOX POPULI. Sooner or later I knew the Devil would come knocking on my door. I'm willing to listen because I'm not close-minded.

I invite you into what could possibly become my new religion. I have renounced Catholism long ago.

Hail Satan! >:D
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Re: The Oneiric Devil

Postby Summerlander » Mon May 22, 2017 4:15 pm

THE SATANIC BIBLE by Anton Szandor LaVey is influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher who drew inspiration from the great realist Schopenhauer and voiced his own brand of existentialism. (Let's not forget the concept of UBERMENSCH!) Nietzche also got our attention to our most profound drives with the philosophical concept of 'will to power', and this is another thing that attracts me to LaVey's Satanism---not just cultivating a strong mind that can withstand any undesirable outcome as Buddhism encourages, but to also unabashedly strive for control; to do what we want. Why shouldn't we pursue our goals if we think they'll be worthwhile? Why not reach for temporary highs and search for the next ones? After all, these moments of ecstasy add up and will have a positive impact on our memory.

LaVey was right in exposing a Biblical axiom that has kept the masses submissive for centuries: 'The meek shall inherit the Earth.' No they won't. The mighty will. It's logical. This is the kind of realism that resonates with me in a dog-eat-dog world. The kind of realism that unveils the hypocrisy the Abrahamic theisms thrive on. We have many married people lusting after attractive strangers or acquaintances because they cannot help their adulterant urges. So they apologise to the Church for their natural inclinations; they apologise to the very religious power that made them feel inadequate from birth! A baby must be baptised according to them! An adult must eventually get married and never engage in prenuptial sex!

LaVey pointed out that the parties of God make humanity feel worthless from the get-go! Here's the concept of a god who created human waste and now we must prove worthy of His love and mercy! Our clerical confessors render us guilt-ridden using our humanness against us, only to pretend they have the power to cleanse our souls and restore absolution. And the travesty extends to those who claim to believe and fear God whilst snorting cocaine off a hooker's arse with the excuse in mind that the All-merciful will forgive them time and again.

LaVey's Satan stands for worldly affairs and represents the advancement of mankind. Satan is the true antithesis of God and LaVeyan doctrine is a recipe that eloquently preserves humanity whilst impugning Judeo-Christian core values and abject worship of a nonexistent entity. In his way, and like Nietzsche, LaVey performed deicide with his pen.

All hail lord Lucifer indeed. He may just be a symbol but the dark angel is a revolutionary nonetheless.

Like Joseph Campbell's 'hero with a thousand faces', the Devil is that side of the human spirit who strives for freedom. Don't believe theistic propaganda about Satan being the deceiver and tempter of mankind. Satan says, 'Know thyself and embrace it!'
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