New to this forum / First attempt [failed]

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New to this forum / First attempt [failed]

Postby Mateon1 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:29 pm

Note @Moderators -- I'm not sure if this is the right category. Feel free to move this topic if it's not.
Note: I'm not English, excuse any errors and misunderstandings.

Hello, everybody. I'm new to this forum, I just registered a couple minutes ago.
I'm not exactly new to the topic of OBE, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projections, but I was never successful at any method. I only had 2 LDs where I realised I was dreaming while asleep.

Today, I tried practising some of the indirect techniques I found here (Observing images, movement), and maybe try to use them after entering a sleep paralysis state. I failed, unfortunately.

I laid down in a dark, quiet room and relaxed my muscles. While relaxing my muscles I couldn't relax my mind, so I focused on practicing the observing technique. I don't think I practiced it correctly since I only saw small patterns in front of my eyes during practicing (Small spirals, barely noticeable checkerboards, etc.), nothing more complex.
I didn't enter the full sleep paralysis state, only partial paralysis, but I decided to try practicing the movement technique. I tried imagining the movements, but I wasn't feeling it as described here. I tried to move my arms without moving the muscles, but it didn't work, I moved my actual arms and broke the partial paralysis state.
I then tried to relax my body for a while to retry these techniques, I tried observing for a while (with similar results to the first time). After a while I lost consciousness and fell asleep.
Later, my mom woke me up when she got back home, I had to actually move, focus and reply to her, so I couldn't perform any separation technique (I don't think I would remember about it in time after waking up anyway).

PS: I'm pretty new to forums in general, I hope I wrote this as I should have. Also, sorry for any errors, I'm not natively English.
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