Let's Get This Board Cooking!

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Let's Get This Board Cooking!

Postby john_in_houston » Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:14 pm


I am getting ready to start giving 3 day seminars in Los Angeles like Mike does in Russia and Eastern Europe. I am noticing we aren't getting many posts here lately. I know people are reading though. I would like to gauge the interest level in the US for learning the phase, or how to astral project or lucid dream. Please reply if you would be interested in coming to a 3 day seminar in the US to learn how to phase. And if so, what major US city would be convenient for you? I am planning on starting in LA first, where Mike started when he was in the US for 3 years. Everything starts first in California then spreads to the rest of the country. I also believe New York City would be a great place for seminars too. Give me some feedback guys!

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