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Postby rajdreamz_777 » Mon May 18, 2015 1:53 pm

Hello folks.

It's 5.18.2015 'round 9:45 am, I am Raj, and I live in New York City. I'm posting my second lucid dream; the first one was cool--only the second one was even cooler! LOL Here it is. I entitled it 'MY NEW PALS ON THE DREAM NETWORK'. Hope ya like it! LOL

I’m walking down the street—specifically Harrison Street in East Orange, New Jersey.

Continuing…I look at the sidewalk and see several crystals of different colors—purple, pink, silver, grey, and white (see below).

I look to the left, and I see the building where I attended classes in ’68…only it’s different. To begin, there’s a large, intricately carved orange, wooden door leading to the upper floor.

The door opened to a flight of stairs, similar to the ones leading to the 2nd floor where my class used to be held—by now I realize I’m dreaming; actually the presence of the crystals was the immediate clue. I proceed up the stairs, open a door, and walk into a loft space where a few college age, hip-looking kids are standing and talking (I was about 48 at the time, [I'm now least my body is] and I knew that in the dream). One of the kids was a guy named Leon. He had semi-long, sandy-colored hair, wire glasses, and wore a military ‘fatigue’ style jacket. Leon presented as the son of 2 upper middle age hippies might appear, and we kind of connected mentally.

I said to the group, “Hi! I’m Raj, and I’m lucid-dreaming…and we all are. Would anyone like to talk to me about this?” One of the guys began putting me on a bit, albeit playfully, not maliciously. He said, “Oh nooo, man. We don’t know anything about that, man!” I said, “Yeah. Right.”, and decided to look around a bit—still realizing I was dreaming. I noticed several long wooden tables, and people were by them working on what I believed were energy-crystals of sorts or some kind of New Age stuff, i.e. pyramid power, etc. Walking up to the front of the loft space (actually I was kind of “whisked” to the front), I came up to something resembling a stage one would see in an auditorium…and there were several demigods there, smiling at me and sending me vibrations of love.

I then saw a beautiful girl with blue skin and thick hair.

Then something very wonderful happened: I told her “You look like Krishna!”

What was that “very wonderful thing”? Well, there were actually 2 things. The first was that this girl, knowing my mind, changed her complexion from blue…to bluer…to turquoise! I was just blown away—it was so beautiful. I really felt in the presence of Divinity, and I felt loved and accepted—no “apologies”/no need to “explain” how Raj “is”, i.e. justify my existence and yatta-datta… Just plain love & acceptance of me JUST AS I AM. Moreover, it was a feeling of "Raj...we miss you and we don't want you to leave."

Next scenario: I’m now back at the door with the college kids, and I ask Leon if we could hang out a bit. I still know I’m dreaming, and feel that Leon is some sort of spiritual guide/pal. He says that right now he has something he’s got to do, however we will get together at a future date.

See next page…
The dream faded, I woke up—and I was on a spiritual “high” for at least 2 weeks. I shared my dream with a couple of friends at work, and being that I then worked at a conservative investment bank on Wall Street (with a bunch of pretty much left-brain people), that may not have been the prudent thing to do!

Ehhh…hell with it…I did it, so what? Maybe I “upped” their consciousness! :)
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Postby Luna » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:33 pm

What a beautiful experience!
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