New To the phase

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New To the phase

Postby Relvion Nexus » Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:48 am

So my whole life I've been very interested in the phase as it is called now... i was always planning and preparing for Lucid dreaming, astral travel and all this kind of stuff that now enter in the phase description... Since i have a hyperactive mind i find it very hard to actually focus on the tasks that i have to do once i enter in the phase.. before knowing about this i tried out all kinds of techniques to enter in lucid dreaming or exit the body but almost all of them have been unsuccessful till the last few months when i actually started having a few series of short lucid dreams... even those i wasn't fully aware in them and they quickly jumped making me fall back asleep and wake up next morning disappointed...

Last night i downloaded the book and actually tried to practice the phase and it partially worked for a few seconds when i got to spin my body but then i rapidly lost awareness and fell into deep sleep... this was the first try and i saw how easy it is... Now i may be as encouraged as ever to keep up this training...

I used to create lots of gigantic universe sized worlds in my mind that i would supposedly explore once i enter in the phase and now i started creating them again... One of those places i named it "Nerine" (naming the worlds is easier, for me, to access them later on) and today i actually managed to visit it... To my very surprise i actually managed to partially enter in the phase while siting on the desk chair... Somehow i managed to relax with some music in the background and decided to try out the observing technique just for fun. It got serious! Since my mind is constantly creating images and thoughts it was easier to just observe them... And in that relaxed state i got absorbed into some of those images then woke up on the top of a tall building in an underground city in Nerine... The experience was CRAZY! wow even though i was only 50% in the phase since i was partially awake i actually got to feel the texture of the cement in the roof floor and the stone bricks from the edge wall... I even got to feel the wind, the underground lava warmth (strange city having at the bottom rivers of lava), The freshness of the air blowing trough my hair... I actually felt the roof top underneath my feet as i was walking there even though i could also feel the chair on which my physical body was standing... Now that i can't explain... How could i possibly enter in the phase without sleeping? WITH a hyperactive mind? AND being in the phase as well as in reality?

If anyone else is new to the phase like me i would love to hear their first real to god phase experience and also i would love to actually thank Michael Raduga for researching this awesome new frontier of existence without which i couldn't visit Nerine or any other world that i created! So if your reading this thank you Michael! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping me with your research to fulfill my life's dream!
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Re: New To the phase

Postby Relvion Nexus » Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:38 pm

I have a question that i forgot to put in the text: How do i stabilize in the phase? i mean i get that i actually managed to enter in it but how to keep staying there for longer periods of time having to consider my hyperactive mind condition?

And also if you get to stabilize in it can you expand time? i mean can you make phase time longer than real time? (ex: 1 real second = 1 phase year)
And can you sleep in a phase world without waking up in reality? How much training does all this require (if possible)?
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Re: New To the phase

Postby furduionut » Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:57 pm

If you did read the entire book you would know by know, but i am here and i will answer your questions.
1.The phase environment is not fully stable because any thoughts you might have have a chance to materialise in front of you. For exemple : Fear can influence your phase radically. A deep phase state ( after you've applied deepening techniques and start to perform maintainning techniques) can extend to aprox, 10 min in real life because of phisically limitation of the REM state. For me 1 min in real life in phase means a lot. I can do a lot of things but this depends on you mental state, everybody is different.
2. Unfortunaly we can stay longer in the phase because is not a place where you can be. It is a part of our sleep. For more details read the book !

Sweet dreams !
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