Almost two phase entrances in a day by accident

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Almost two phase entrances in a day by accident

Postby Jessy » Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:23 pm

Today ,i had a very close phase experience ,i used the deferred method ,not really expecting to get in the phase but i tried since it is weekend and i can practice,and just slept with the intention of entering the phase,and i had a very vivid ultra realistic dream as waking life at my grandgrandmas house ,i didnt know how i got there but i decided to enjoy that place,and listened to the birds ,then my grandgrandma came and i dont know what happened next,but it was extremely realistic.
Later in the afternoon
Then,i went with my family to my brothers school because he had an event at it,and i came home very tired and just wanted to sleep,to take a nap,because i was really tired,and decided to sleep with the intention of entering the phase,and at some point of the sleep i waked up at sleep paralysis and tried to separate but it was kind of hard ,and i kept going and almost separate but i broke down a little bit the paralysis and fall back asleep again,and also had a very vivid dream about the phase
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Re: Almost two phase entrances in a day by accident

Postby Summerlander » Thu May 04, 2017 7:37 am

You're on the right track. Keep trying. I tend to use the deferred method too. Check out Raduga's algorithm to enter the phase diagram. I find it quite useful.
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