Entry into the phase-phase experience

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Entry into the phase-phase experience

Postby Jessy » Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:08 pm

I falled asleep with the intention of using the deferred method ,and i used an alarm watch to wake me up at 4,but for me it didnt sound at all ,but i had a dream where my friends where celebrating my birthday,and at some point i said but its december,then i realized it was a dream,and anyways decided to go eat some european food,and everything was vivid ,and at the end i started deeping that was my mistake and the experience was lost,but it was cool!
No deeping at the beginnig
No maintaining
No plan of action
No re-entry
Plan of action for the next time
deeping at the very begining,maintaing all the time,my plan of action which is
Go to the Moon(translocation with closed eyes
Go to Mars(translocation with closed eyes)
Go to a scene of super mario galaxy the ice one,putting first the image in my head ,closing my eyes,and imagining me being there,then open them,which good be translocation with closed eyes.
Method used
the deferred method
Ill use it again in two days since i started vacations ,so it can be effective again
Blessings to all of you guys! ^-^
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