I Need Help about Fear

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I Need Help about Fear

Postby canjon » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:09 am

Hello my friends,

I need to push "fear" out of my lucid dreams. I had lucid, astral dreams since 2001. I can easily enter this world. I flied, i swimmed, i read my ex girl firend's diary (not proud of this one :) there.. I visit our summer house in winter and smell our red roses... But suddenly i had fears... I can't be there.. I can be there about 3-4 seconds....
I decided to stop entering this amazing world becouse of my big fears. I did not try for 7 years but last week i decided to turn back into it. I have no teacher for this dreams. Is there any fearless-volunteer there who can be with me, who can meet with me in my lucid dreams and take my hand for make me feel strong? Is it possible? I need a teacher. Thank you so much. (By the way my main language is not English. I hope i could tell my problem to you clearly :)

Good Night
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Re: I Need Help about Fear

Postby Mikey » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:46 am

Hi Canjon - are you fearless yet, or still having problems? Fear seems to be a big issue for many in this practise, but being fearful - believing there is something to fear - just creates fearful scenarios. The "Astral realm" - where you go in dreams and obe's - is one in which "thoughts become things" immediately; so whatever state your mind is in will become your experience there. And although you may not always be creating the events yourself, you will be attracting them to you.
You don't say exactly what your fears are - it would help to know - but you have to remember that YOU are all-powerful in this obe realm. You don't really need anyone to hold your hand. But... if you go into these experiences with a strong intent on finding a guide or a teacher there, then one of those will turn up for you too. Try it! Call for help and guidance while in the state. Hope this helps a little.
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