Impeach Donald Trump?

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Impeach Donald Trump?

Postby Summerlander » Sun May 21, 2017 12:08 am

How many of us are hoping to see the impeachment of President Donald Trump apart from his political opponents? My observations of Donald Trump are completely nonpartisan. For starters, I'm a European citizen living in the UK, and I would say that Mike Pence---former governor of the homophobic state of Indiana but nevertheless a wiser Christian demagogue---would be a breath of fresh air if he were to take over from Trump.

Trump's defenders seem to turn a blind eye to the errors and political infractions of their presidential poster boy. In the White House, his associates could have a number of reasons for persisting in the upkeep of a misplaced allegiance. But I can't help but wonder: Where are the honourable people resigning from their gubernatorial berths?

The reason for staying put could be that they enjoy being part of a powerful gang that follows an irrational leader, OR, they just fear losing their jobs. Their jobs become a scenario where they start serving an asinine dictator rather than protecting a country with arguably the best constitutional values in the world. America stopped being great the moment THE APPRENTICE host set foot in the Oval Office.

Despite the homicidal ways of Vladimir Putin and his despicable autocracy, Trump only has good things to say about them. Like Putin, Trump does not value factual information. Like the Russian leader and his oligarchy, the Trump administration seeks to control the media.

Unlike Putin, the American president has not murdered any journalists but he has recently fired FBI Director James Comey for getting too close for comfort and threatening to expose a possible Trump-Kremlin collusion. It appears that the Trumps may have taken money from the Russians in the past---when the family was financially in a lurch and paying their debt might involve playing a political puppet for the former KGB agent from Saint Petersburg.

But that's not all. Ask yourself how much an American president can be trusted with classified information. Right after pink-slipping Comey, Donald Trump bragged to his Russian 'pals' about the kind of intel he's privvy to as president of the United States; he did this in the Oval Office, which prompted alarmed staffers to alert the CIA and NSA.

Trump had inadvertently compromised agents on secret missions abroad---one of them an Israeli asset who had infiltrated ISIS and learned about their technological progress as well as plans to attack. If foreign powers know about secret missions, they could easily blackmail the American government by threatening to expose their agents. As president, Trump should know this. And if his incompetence is not enough to impeach him, evidence that proves he's beholden to Russia will. Many people are 100% sure that tapes incriminating or disgracing the president exist.

Allies can't depend on Americans if an erratic and dangerous buffoon is in charge. A manchild who can recklessly start unnecessary wars at any moment. A snot-nosed tycoon wannabe who tells his staff to slow down and requests visual aids to help him understand his briefing. A pretentious and condescending POTUS who demands to see his name on every important clause so as to find them whilst raking documents and reports. This is the kind of guy they have in charge!

We don't need someone who denies climate change and global warming against scientific consensus. We don't need a hypocrite who accuses his opponents of the same 'crimes' he's guilty of. (Remember Clinton and her emails?) We don't need a delusional narcissist with unrealistic plans of building international walls and ineffective Muslim bans that mention nothing about religious reform and never include the main exporters of Islamic terrorism such as Saudi Arabia. Thanks to Donald Trump, George W. Bush will not be remembered as the dumbest American president.

Should Trump be impeached? Fuck yeah! I hope so for all our sakes ...
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