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Postby Alec » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:56 am

I have been 'phasing' on and off for years. I'm half way through The Phase and it is certainly answering questions that I've had that other books haven't. Anyways, I have been learning by trial and error but something seems to want me to stop my activities. I have a goal to restart my experiments but want to know if anyone else has experienced this. When I 'phase out' sometimes I'm successful, meaning that I separated and was aware of what I was doing and even made it outside and 'flew' before I snapped back to my body. I am a rookie and have stopped because there is someone waiting. I may be wrong but it seems to want to scare me back to my body. It doesn't touch me but did tell me that I will die if I go "in there." Recently it has chased me through various dreams. I call it the Grey Man. It speaks with a woman's tone, though. For years I've had terrible nightmares and one month night terrors. I've gotten the fear under control but need advice one how to proceed. Thanks, -Alec
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