my terrifying obe. any simmilar obes? please let me know!

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my terrifying obe. any simmilar obes? please let me know!

Postby Andrew » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:49 pm

I fell into a lucid dream state unknowingly, and i heard a female freinds voice telling me to get up. i imediatly lifted my arm out of my phisical self and as i did my hand hit something, i realised it was a males private parts and i yanked my hand back into my body. I then realized i was not phisicaly awake, and in my confusion i was yanked out of my physical body and draged by the ankels down my stairs and repeatedly thrown around and slamed. i mannaged to escape and fled to my body but got lost in an abstract world like place. I was so disorented fleeing for what felt like an eternity fighting for my life. i couldnt see what it was but it got me again and continued to torment me by draging beating and throwing around. i escaped one last time and found my body as i returned into it i felt the tugging again i tryed to scream but couldnt i opened my astral eyes to see a paleish gray skined creature looking at me as it realised i had seen it it released me and ran on all four limbs across my room and up my wall to a dark corner i then managed a small grunt as i continued to try and scream and finnally awoke... it was the most terrifying experience of my life! has anyone had a similar experiance?
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Re: my terrifying obe. any simmilar obes? please let me know!

Postby Summerlander » Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:12 pm

I've had terrifying experiences similar to this one but I soon realised that there was nobody really out to get me when I learned that it was nothing but the phase interpreting my fear and doubt.  Emotions can be quite powerful and the state of mind you are in at the time.

Nothing in the phase can truly harm you because the world you explore is of a mental nature.  I hope I'm not being presumptuous either when I tell you flat out that the creature you saw was not real.

I recommend that you read Michael Raduga's School of Out-of-Body Travel and you will see that, the more you experience the phase, the more you will 'see through it'.
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