Ice mouth, breathing and root chakra

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Ice mouth, breathing and root chakra

Postby Indigo_Child » Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:37 am

Hey everyone, i just recently had a slew of lucid experience on th 13th of June 2012. I noticed some interesting things about the process. I have just joined this forum for sharing purposes. Okay so i had 4 hours of sleep, i went to work and required a seriouse ciesta @ least, the intent was set as my alarm was to wake me up in no less then 3 hours. During my rest i had someone interact with me 30-40 min into my phase out, i had to pull back enough to say a sentence, so probably a 30 second interaction, this interaction reminded me to sleep on my back as this seems to be the best position for me to experience lucidity. While i drifted back to sleep i could feel that my body was only moments away from blacking out so i listened. I heard a high pitch sound in the background that grew in intensity down to my temples, my teeth started popping like ice cubes in hot water, it was a disturbing sound but i knew it was just a seperation sound. I reminded myself that what my mind was trying to associate the sound with was not really happening. I noticed my breathing, it was deep and shallow. Everytime i breathed in i sank down, every breath out i floated up. I was see sawing up and down with my breath. I have experience this befor, i payed attention, then i notice my root chakra was just so apparently vibrating, it felt as if the root chakras pulsed like a heart.  I will further investigate why this chakra was active during this process so evidently. I have heard of entering phases with any chakra, i believe this one is personally strong enough for me to enter with, risky, but it has the power that i need. I have entered thru the heart chakra befor this way, perhaps each chakra is what your perspective will see thru in the astral? during this time i did slip into concious dreaming, i was laying down on the ground looking at what looked like a lighting picture, but it gradually morphed into what i would call a dying nebula? it just wasn't as bright, it was pretty cool, then i just slipped out, woke up to a dream within a dream, i was interacting with the same person as befor in it, this time it was much more, my mouth was freezing, i pulled out the saliva (in my dream) and it was frozen! then i woke up.

Any tips? insights?
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