Astral Projection Gone Wrong

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Astral Projection Gone Wrong

Postby sdl2 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:20 pm

Hello All,
I have known of astral projection for some time, I have not actively tried but here and there for fun. However, last night I astral projected with serious intentions. I wanted to enter the body and mind of another person. Specifically my step dad who has recently become very ill. When I tried to enter his body something awful happened. I was confronted my an extreme burning in my head. It was over a very specific area, the sensory area ... r_tra.html
The feeling was hot and extremely unpleasant, I was forced awake, where I was still in great pain. The feeling was intense enough that I was pressing my hands against my head and pushing it into the bed trying to make it go away. It last for 20 minutes strongly and then was tolerable for the next hour. I eventually fell asleep but awoke in the morning to find that my head still burns. Can anyone tell me what happened?!
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Re: Astral Projection Gone Wrong

Postby Molecule » Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:40 pm

Man! Not that I am a specialist but reading what you are trying to do rings more than just a single alarm bell for me. The psychological implications are staggering considering that this illness seems a serious burden for you mentally. Why would you try something like that?! From my personal point of view I consider the phase a construct of my mind (nothing like my soul flying out if I even have one to begin with...) which is created by one of the most powerful supercomputers (my brain and everyone else's for that matter) and so whatever burdens my mind can become a very big impact depending on my beliefs/convictions.

As I said I am no specialist nor do I have any info what kind of illness your step dad has but trying to get into someone's head who is ill does not seem to be a good idea to me. Your mind can put all sorts of physiological reactions onto your own body/system so try to approach this in a more positive/creative/supporting way instead of "being" that person (which would be the case if you enter one other's mind). How about talking to him asking him all the questions you have in the phase instead of doing what you did?
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