Inception style confusion

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Inception style confusion

Postby FateTrader » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:30 pm

Hi guys,

I've not tried it for a while because after first few nearly successful ones it became somewhat harder for me to remember not to move on the wake ups and even to notice this wake ups at all. Anyway yesterday I was talking with my friend about this OBE method and this night I had somewhat funny experience, alright, here it goes:

I woke up in the night and realized it straight away so I tried to do the OBE phase method but instead I "buzzed in" to a LD in which I was still laying in the bed and trying to do OBE utterly forgetting I just LD-ed. Anyway I was trying one after another wake up but it didn't work. And I was thinking why, then suddenly I woke up realizing that all this was another dream, basically in the first place I was dreaming about waking up and all what came after, kind of dream in a dream, where in the second layer of the dream I was aware I am dreaming but not aware of the first layer of dreaming.

It took me a moment to realize all this after I really woke up this morning :)

Anyway I am going to start practicing this again maybe I'll have some luck.
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Re: Inception style confusion

Postby TheOnerous » Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:40 pm

HI Fate Trader.

I look forward to seeing your experiences.
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