First deliberate OBE

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First deliberate OBE

Postby Firsttimer » Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:42 pm

I believe i had an OBE years ago, in hospital after an accident but sense then i have been trying without much success. I used to often nap in the afternoon and get to a stage where i was aware that i was sleeping and try to go OBE however i used to get a very strong tickle/buzz sensation in my stomach which was too intense and kind of stopped me going any further.
Recently i have been reading that this could be meant to happen and i have also been reading/watching utube vids by the Monroe people etc.
So...... last night i listened to some Monroe OBE music for 40 mins or so and meditated/tried to sleep. After a while i turned off the music and felt a glimpse of the intense buzz in my stomach and managed to invoke it to a strong feeling. I was definitively sleeping by this point but aware. After riding the buzz for a couple of waves I tried lifting my arms etc and rolling but didn't feel i was getting very far. I then tried pulling on an imaginary rope in front of me and hey presto i was flying! I remembered the concept of strengthening so did some affirmations. It felt quite dreamlike but i was still making conscious decisions, the decisions were a little fuzzy. I went to see an old house i once lived in and flew around over the rooftops saying Wow, this is amazing to myself. I then 'teleported' to a town i used to live in and found myself in the market place in the dark. I* saw some people walking across the square and remember thinking ' they must be alive and wo'nt be able ti see me' - which was wrong, i kind of put my face in front of one of them to test my theory and he looked right at me and laughed saying ' who's that there then is it Lou Reed?' or something to that effect. He then playfully, but slightly scarily chased me and i woke up. As i woke i released that he may have been an earth bound enterty and had seen me, possibly chasing me to fend me off or just take the mick. Any thoughts on this? Was it just a vivid controlled dream or the real deal? Thanks in advance!
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