The Hindu Void

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The Hindu Void

Postby Tiredtinker » Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:18 am


Has anyone ever tried to go to the Hindu Void? It's not like your every day out-of-body experience. You want to go someplace, or appear to someone by astral projecting, you arrive at the speed of thought. To project to the void mentioned, however, one goes into a deep sleep state. On awakening it seems like the trip took a very long time!
The experience below explains it in detail.

The Hindu Void

It was 1963. I was living in a three room furnished apartment near my work. Most of my
spare time was spent in studying paranormal phenomena, especially astral projection. For
some months now I had been trying to go to the Hindu Void. Somewhere in my studies
the void had been mentioned. It was described as a place that was neither light nor dark,
warm nor cold. It contained the twelve stars of the Zodiac. If one wanted to travel to any
part of the universe it would be necessary to project into the light of the star that
represented his or her birth. The light of the star provided the power to travel such vast
As stated, I had been trying for some months to project there, but without success.
I wasn’t giving up, though. No matter how long it took, if this place existed, I was going
to experience it!
On this particular evening it seemed quieter than usual, and peaceful. I stretched
out on the bed wearing just my shorts, spread my feet apart so they wouldn’t touch, and
moved my arms away from my sides. Then I focused my eyes on a spot on the wall in
front of me slightly above eye level. I began to relax my body. My body had become so
conditioned over the past couple of years, that I had merely to think once, feet relax, and
they began to tingle immediately. By the time I got to the top of my head I was one
complete tingle!
Then, staring at the spot on the wall, I began repeating over and over to myself,
“I’m leaving my body. I’m going to the Hindu Void.” This usually went on for an hour or
more before getting so tired that I’d roll over and go to sleep. It was a simple method, and
as good as any but except for a swaying feeling now and then, it didn’t seem to be
The distant traffic noises seemed further away this night for some reason. I had
been trying to separate for about twenty minutes. All of a sudden it seemed like all the
noise everywhere had stopped. A pin could have been heard dropping in the street. My
eyes rolled sideways. I seemed to be falling into darkness. I let it happen. Consciousness
A split eternity...later awareness returned.
I was in a void, conscious, but without form. I surveyed my surroundings. It was
neither light nor dark, warm nor cold. To my left there were two lines of stars. The top
line contained seven, the lower line five. The next to the last star on the lower line was
sending off beams of light. The others were merely pinpoints of blue. I was puzzled. The
one throwing off beams of light was obviously mine. I would have to move into its rays if
I wanted to travel to any part of the universe. But, why would the eleventh represent
Aquarius? I expected it to be the first. No matter. I was about to think myself into the light
of the flashing star, and was actually beginning to lose consciousness, when the realization
hit me: I had made it! Startled, I could feel myself withdrawing. Again, consciousness

My eyes opened slowly. I couldn’t move. Then a tingling sensation, starting at the
bottom of my feet, began moving up my body until I tingled all over. It was like having
frozen fingers thaw out, but it didn’t hurt. It was, as a matter of fact, very pleasant.
A good minute, maybe two, passed before I could move. Then everything returned
to normal. I didn’t doubt for a minute that I had reached the void, and I was elated at my
success, but the placement of the Aquarian star still confused me. Astrology was not one
of my studies.
The first chance I got the next day I bought a book on astrological signs and, sure
enough, Aquarius turned out to be the eleventh star!
I knew now for a fact that the Hindu Void did exist. I’d try to go back there some
day, but until I had more experience I thought it might be better if I confined my out-of-body
experiments to trips around mother Earth.

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Re: The Hindu Void

Postby Szar » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:35 pm

Cogratulations on your success!
well, can't you travel the hindu void during an obe?
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