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Lucid Dream

Postby Tiredtinker » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:53 am

Lucid Dream

I was at what used to be a Post Office, now turned into a small restaurant, though it still maintained a few shiny postal boxes. A young man explained to me that he didn’t have time to do all the mail, including mine. I told him that it was ok, that I had another box at another Post Office.
We, he and a pretty young girl, walked up the street to an abandoned ramshackle building that was very much like a stand alone garage. There was no front door.
I was looking out a back window. A small circular shape about the size of a flat baseball separated from a cloud, shot across the sky, got bigger, and then turned into a spaceship such as seen in the movies, lights and everything.
I went to the front and peered up at it. It seemed to see me, and turned on its edge as it dove towards the building.
I ducked back inside.
The other two did not seem to be as worried as I was.
I looked out a second time. It dove again.
The third time I looked out, dark grey, small triangular...what I took to be...ships, separated from it and headed for Earth.
I found a way out through the back and hid in an attachment to the building.
Peeking through a crack in the wall I saw creatures, triangular in shape, though indented in the middle, and the same colour (maybe they were what I had taken to be ships) carrying the other two away on their shoulders.
Thinking I was safe I stuck my head out again. Another one was walking by, spotted me (he was huge) and I ran.
I awoke on the ship.
The creature told me they had gotten so much information from me that they gave me a gift in return; one that I would know about when the occasion arose that I needed to use it.
At that point I woke up. However, I was unable to interpret the dream.

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