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First OBE

Postby Tiredtinker » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:06 pm

My First Out-of-Body Experience

It was 1953. I was now living in Montreal and had just gotten married to a woman three years older than myself. Claudette was French. She had black hair, flashing dark eyes, reached all of five-feet in height, and weighed about ninety pounds. She spoke English with a heavy accent. We lived on the South Shore of Montreal where I drove a streetcar for a living.
Claudette turned out to be a dominant type personality and we clashed heavily at times. Money was the problem. She wanted control over it. All of it! She demanded my paychecks, and after many months of pay time battle, I finally gave in just to have a little peace in the house.
However, I did find ways to make extra money, which I never told her about. It was with this money that, after a rather violent argument, I took off in anger for Toronto, despite the fact that we were supposed to move the next day to an apartment my wife had found while I was working.
I had never seen it.

Three days had passed since I had left Montreal. It was 2 a.m. and I was still awake brooding on my marriage. Nothing had been resolved in my mind.
I rolled on my side and tried to go to sleep. Instead of sleep, I found a fantasy forming in my head. I pictured myself being with her. I had just walked in, wearing a grey suit, black shoes, white shirt, appropriate tie, diamond ring and a wristwatch.
Suddenly, the room faded, there was a moment of nothingness and then, slowly consciousness returned. I was in a strange bedroom. The only light was from the moonlight streaming in through the window. My awareness became total. I found myself standing at the foot of a bed. The watch on my wrist glinted in the pale light, and the diamond on my finger sparkled. The bed was set in the middle of the room against the back wall. A radiator was apparent to my right, and the window to the left. These were but fleeting impressions as I gazed at the huddled heap in the bed. Only her head was free from the blankets.
She was aware of my presence. Startled, but not frightened, she returned my gaze. Then, knowing everything was all right, I relaxed. Again there was a moment of non-existence. When awareness returned I was back in my body.
I laid there reviewing the whole sequence in my mind. It was all so vivid, so real! I knew I had just had an out-of-body experience. Now, if as I believed, Claudette had been fully aware of my presence, that would be proof positive that I wasn’t imagining things
She met me at the train station two weeks later. Her greeting was cool with a hint of suppressed anger.
“Mon grand fou, you stay this time?”
I grinned inwardly. “She hasn’t changed,” I thought. “She’s the same fiery, bossy, impossible witch that I left. Maybe I am a big fool for coming back!”
We got a cab in front of the station. Except for the driver’s continuous humming, the silence was a heavy one all the way home.
“So this is the apartment,” I commented, as she opened the door and stomped in. She responded with some biting remark, but it went over my head as a strong sense of familiarity overwhelmed me. Details of my recent out-of-body experience surfaced, but something was wrong. Before I could put my finger on it, however, my arm was grasped firmly and I was jerked to attention.
“Hey, we talk. Hokay?” my wife demanded.
I could see it was not time for questions that did not pertain to our marital situation and its immediate problems. So, I shook myself mentally, and gave her my full attention.
Something right must have been said during that encounter, because suddenly the anger was gone and the conversation turned to small talk.
“I see you one night,” Claudette said.
That was all it took to bring the memory flooding back, and immediately I knew what was wrong.
“Wait a minute,” I said. “Was the bed against that wall?” I pointed to the back of the room.
“Oui. I move it before you get home.”
“Go on.”
“Well, you appear at the foot of the bed and jus’ look me. You ‘ave a grey suit, a diamante ring, an’ a watch.” She paused for a moment, and then said, “I’m not ‘fraid.”
Indisputable verification! I was determined to learn all I could about astral projection! The thought got buried in the following weeks however, due to my wife becoming pregnant.

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