Mind Astral?

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Mind Astral?

Postby Tiredtinker » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:06 pm

Spiral Tunnel

My cousin, Crystal, whom I used to visit often, as she and I were close friends, moved from Montreal while I was away on business. I had no inclination that she planned to move, and to make matters worse, she didn’t leave a forwarding address. Her sudden disappearance puzzled me. Why would she just vanish without a word?
Days went by, but I couldn’t ger her out of my mind. One evening, a few days after my return, I was lying down on the chesterfield thinking about her. Suddenly, I found myself in a spiral tunnel. The tunnel was grey and ribbed like a vent hose from a dryer, or an open concertina. I was moving at great speed through it, and came to the end in the space of a thought. It was an open end, and I found myself peering through the hole at a blue chesterfield chair. Sitting in the chair was my cousin! Her legs were folded beneath her, and she was gazing upward with a far away look in her eyes.
I recognized the chair as one belonging to my mother who lives six hundred miles east of Montreal.
I tried to leave the tunnel, wanting to drop into the room, but was unable to do so. After a moment of observing Crystal in the chair, (I couldn’t see past it) I felt myself being drawn back.
And then I was out of the spiral, and back on the chesterfield. When my senses cleared I got up and went to the phone. I dialed my mother’s number. When she answered, without so much as a greeting I asked, “Is Crystal there?”
“Who is this?” she asked.
“It’s me, Mom, Victor. Is she there?”
“Oh. I thought it was you. Yes, she’s here.”
I won’t go on with the conversation. Suffice it to say, that her ex-boyfriend had been giving her a hard way to go, stalking her, etc., so Crystal did the only thing she could think of: She disappeared.
And, because of it, I had experienced another kind of astral projection.

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