A legend

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A legend

Postby Ginrael » Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:44 pm

Hello everyone!

The primar purpose of this topic is my gratefullness. I want to thank to Michael Raduga, because I knew about phase, since I was born and now I understand, how everything is connected. Waking life is directly connected to the phase life without a doubt. Here is my story.
I was born with cerebral palsy. Doctors told my mum, that I will never walk and I will be mentally unresponsible and sick. Now I am here. That´s not all. I am normal living man right now, but . . . . . when I learnt about phase, thanks to Michael, I recalled phase life of my childhood. I was haunted . . . by terrible creatures. They were demons of the underworld. Like a child, I was taking this phase as a normal thing. Archangel Michael was my protector all that time in human form in the phase. He was showing me the way to the light.
I got pretty used to phase life, after I revealed this "secret", and watched the documentary movie. I live here and there. I have my draconic wife there in a distant frozen kingdom and I exactly know its location in a pretty different universe. Although I walked depths of the underworld again, because Satan put my wife into custody from some reason. I fought maybe bravely through the death and all demons of the dark. Many were with me, including Hercules, Kratos, Achilles. But at the end of our journey, they all were exhausted. I´ve seen that damned face. I´ve seen, how to say it. I´ve just seen him and fortunatelly I was able to save my love.
Recommendation to all phasers. Don´t try to fight against devil. It is very, very dangerous. :-) Don´t want to make others afraid of it. Just a little recommend. :-)

Have a nice evening!
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