So? What to do with this Knowledge? / 1st O.B.E

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So? What to do with this Knowledge? / 1st O.B.E

Postby ChakraGear » Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:17 pm

Hey Guys, My name is John. I am a novice. I have had detached around 75 times. I am pretty "good" if there is such a thing, at detaching. I struggle with distance. I roam my bedroom and my house. I have only gone further a couple of times. Not to down play it or anything. I think it is amazing and I am blessed be able to do what I can. I spend most of My OBE time interacting with objects, feeling the textures, seeing what they are made out of.
I have always been aware of the paranormal. I always just assumed everyone thought and knew the same things I did. I t has been a lesson learned. I hard lesson learned.
I started this journey as a skeptic though. even though I knew of the paranormal I used to think you had to pass on to experience it. I t wasnt until i was taking a Psychology course that I decided to find out for myself. We were exploring sleep patterns. Sycadian rhythms. We talked of mental illnesses.

I decided to do experiment with sleep patterns. I did not know alot. But, I knew enough to experiment on myself. I started doing some research on people and their Lucid Dreaming experiences. While reading up on Lucid Dreaming I heard the term Astral Projection, and I heard stories of Out of Body Experiences! I thought to myself "these people are nuts. They are just misinterpreting the power of the mind!" I decided to push on, Do experiments on myself and prove that this did not really exist. At the time I wasn't really good at meditating. So, I used different frequency Binarual Beats to target different frequency of sleep states. I figured if I could get to and stay in a certain zone long enough, I could write down experiences afterward resembling everything I read online. Well after about two weeks with diligent practice. I made attempts everynight, Sometimes several times a night.

At the two week mark I had my first Out of Body Experience! I began my attempt like all other attempts. The only difference was, I sorta got to a point. I told myself "if all this is, Is a self guided meditation every night. Then I am going to just enjoy it for what it is and not expect anything." I was listening to the binaural beats,I was counting my breaths and I experienced a slow wave of warmth. It started at my toes and flowed up my body to my head. Then these waves went from slow to very fast. Almost like a vibration. At the apex of the vibration I heard a sound that can only be described as a 747 Jet Liner powering up for take off outside my bedroom window. I mean seriously ear piercing screeching! Then as quick as it came it just stopped. I blink my eyes and thought to myself "Oh no, I moved I shouldnt have moved. Now i am going to need to start over" Then I noticed something strange. I saw my room. But, it was different. At first I couldnt figure out what was different. But, everything had a shimmer to it. Like an erradescent glow! Glow is not the right word. But, I dont know of another word closer to what i am trying to say. I tried to sit up....And Rip,Rip,Rip,Tear,Tear,Tear... I felt/ heard this Velcro/duct tape type sound. I stood up next to my bed and I saw myself laying there! I thought to myself "This is one strange looking dude" I started to step away. I noticed I had no traction and I sorta just moon walked around the room for a few seconds until I got the hang of it. I moved over toward the door to my bedroom. I placed my hand on the door. I cant express enough how amazing this freaking door was. I saw the door, the door I see everyday...Like I had never seen it before. I was just flabbergasted about how much info was coming thru my finger tips. I could feel textures, I could feel layers of paint, The wood, the molecules in the wood..I mean truly amazing and I am talking about a DOOR! I passed my hands through the door several times in astonishment. Then I decide to step through the door and into my living room, I pushed through and I could see all the layers. I got into my living room and I made for the front door of my house to go outside. I made about two strides and I felt a tug on my back. It was two short. quick jerks. Just Jerk,jerk...Like a child pulling on your pant leg. But, on my back. I ignored it and continued towards the front door. Then I felt the jerks again. This time not so subtle. It was one quick,sharp jerk and one long pull. It pulled me right back into my body. I sat up with amazement. I wanted to write down as much as I could as fast I could. I knew from dream journaling that this memories slip quickly. So , I grabbed my journal and went into the bathroom. I sat in front of the mirror and wrote as much detail as I could remember. This is when I noticed one big difference between dreams and O.B.E. these memories didnt slip away. I remember this experience even now as I type! I also noticed I was having a pharmacological experience. I looked into the mirror and saw my eyes were dilated. My pupils were huge. I also felt a tingling around the back of my head and the front of my forehead. After I finished writing I decided to go to bed, even though I was excited. I had experienced a life changing event. But, still needed to be at work in the morning. Which is why I always tell people to have balance. As long as we are here we need to satisfy are responsabilites. We can spend all day, every day in the astral world. Atleast I havent figured it out yet.
So,on that night I went from being an open minded skeptic. To knowing with everything I am, That this is real....So, what now. What do i do with this gift. I have access to cosmic knowledge. But, Still need to pay the electric bill every month....What do I do? I try to take my own advice. I have balance. I work my regular day job. I run a cellphone store in Jensen Beach Florida.USA. That pays the electric bill. I also started a website I try to bring awareness to the otherwise little known world of metaphysics. I step into the matrix. I do what I need to do and I step out. I have begun organizing free local events where people come and talk about there experiences. The money from the site helps pay for it all. I go under the guise of advanced dream techniques. It seems to be less scary to people.

I realized that people do not think the same way I do. I try to tell as many people who will listen. Sometimes at my own expense. But, I enjoy it. I know it is right.
I wish I would have found this site sooner. It is nice to know I am not alone.

I just realized how long this is.Maybe, I should have broken this message up into several posts... If you read all that, Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think.

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Re: So? What to do with this Knowledge? / 1st O.B.E

Postby furduionut » Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:44 am

ON : Nice first experience. I was skeptic as well and i was amazed too by the realism of the phase.
OFF : I believe everyone who experienced the phase feels the need to tell everyone around them but not everyone will believe because of skepticism or they just don't care. Be motivated to encourage everybody you know or not to try atleast the phase. Yes, you're perfectly right, we don't live with only oxygen. In my point of view a new site about how to lucid dream/OBE/Astra Projection is not needed because there are so many of them and people will prefer to free and easiest version like this one ( THE PHASE - Michael Raduga ), but on this site exist a section for teaching for money at Seminars and Online training at Open you branch :
I would like to see this community alive and full of people.

P.S : Keep going, soon i will write about my experiences in the section "Blog of the practictioners" i would be glad that you to see it
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