Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

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Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:20 am

Hi there,

This is my first post.

It's Sunday, 11:00am.
Between 08:00am and 10:00am I've had my first OBE and my first Lucid Dream! 8)

Kind of incredible, I'm still amazed and dizzy!

First a little background, I discovered OBEs, The Phase and Lucid Dreaming less than a month ago.

Since then became very interested on the topic, watched lots of videos a read lots of books about it.

I spent a serious amount of hours trying to induce an OBE through direct methods such deep relaxation and trance inducing, sometimes using Binaural Beats as aid.

I only got to the meditative altered state and light sleep paralysis.

I discovered "The Phase" during this time and I loved the Indirect Methods presented, but never had the chance to try them out, due to plenty rude awakenings.

Until this morning.

I went to bed really late as I was out with friends, it was almost 04:00am.

Woke up around 08:00 and I moved around I little bit, I thought to give the Indirect Methods a shot anyway.

Phantom Wiggling, Swimming, Visualization, Phantom Wigg....it works!!!

I feel my arm rising up more and more, then I know it's time to separate and I give input to the body to stand up.

Whoa!!! A sort of adrenaline energy rush pervades my body, the heart's beating real fast, I LOVE IT!!!

I raise my legs, my arms, but my upper torso and my head are stuck!
Can't move it, I clearly understand it's not a matter of forcing it with strength, feels like I'm stuck in granite.

Meanwhile, I realize I'm COMPLETELY CONSCIOUS, this is really blowing my mind, it is 100% conscious reality, as real as me typing this right now.

I look around but it's dark, I close my eyes and think "Levitate", I wait some seconds and then open my eyes, I see a shadow on the ceiling that really looks like me floating, but no, it isn't.
I understand that I'm still stuck in bed, so I demand "Light" to see better but nothing happens.
I then get just a little anxious, at that time I didn't have the lucidity to think about some alternative solutions to stand up completely, so I relax thinking about going back to my body.

There I am, woke up, and I'll never be the same! :D

Shadow was real tough, it really looked like a man floating, could a shadow be more on point than this? :)

I'm truly impressed, this experience really felt like complete reality, that was my room and I was THERE partially out of my body, it was so real that I could spend a life there.

After this great experience I managed to fall asleep again and even had a my fist Lucid Dream!!! ::)

I was in my house talking to my brother on the stairs, half way to the first floor.
All of a sudden there was a shift and I found myself talking alone, my brother was now downstairs talking to his girlfriend and my mother.

I see him looking at me talking by myself and saying "You're a weirdo" :)

So I realized, "Well, that's strange, I'M DREAMING", just like that consciousness came and I immediately thought to fly out of my house and so I did.

I jumped and propelled through the ceiling, through the first floor, but...got somehow stuck again and found myself in complete darkness floating still.

Unfortunately, a little bit scared, I started thinking that I was somehow susceptible to potential attacks form "entities" (reading about them all over the Internet does not help one bit). I wasn't panicking, I had more a fierce type reaction as I imagined blowing a crazy energy explosion from the inside to protect me.

Then I wanted out.

So, I find myself woke up going out of bed, really anxious I started touching anything to prove is was solid and that I really awoke, everything was solid but I didn't feel right, so as I move a little bit more inside my room I suddenly woke up AGAIN, this time for real, my cat is sleeping at the foot of the bed and I'm nice, calm and relaxed.

It was a false awakening.

I loved this Lucid Dream experience, but it wasn't anywhere as vivid as the induced OBE, it was more like just being conscious in a dream, it felt more a projection of my subconscious, as the first one was a mind blowing reality feel, so real it doesn't even seems possible.

This is the FIRST attempt of Indirect Techniques with proper conditions so really can't thank enough Michael and his method, needless to say I already feel addicted to this but I'm definitively too excited to sleep again, so I'm really looking forward to the next experience.

Thank you for reading this, I hope I gave out the "feel" of the experience.

If someone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate the help, it was a really intense morning but I think I held up fine out there, I wish I didn't demand to go back to my body both times and found a solution instead, but it wasn't really a conscious decision, it was more a instinctive reaction.

I also wonder if the Lucid Dream was triggered by the induced OBE, as I'm not a "natural" when it comes to this.
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:49 am

Unfortunately the Holidays made difficult to keep trying out the Indirect Methods, my sleep pattern is all messed up and I always wake up real late with a urge to get the day started.

Tonight especially I wasn't able to sleep at all since New Year's Eve went about to be a really long night and I woke up almost at 01:00 PM.

Late night though something funny happened, I couldn't sleep but I felt I was going a bit on and off, it was about 05:00 AM.

I started having losses in consciousness and at one point I started hearing some heavy footsteps coming towards me, then the same adrenaline rush and "whoosh" type of sound of my first successful Indirect Method attempt came about.

I sorta woke up thinking "it's coming, it's coming" and I immediately knew it was time to separate.

Head popped out, arms popped out, but damn! As I move my feet the left foot of the body made a small movement and the phase regressed.

Good thing is that all this happened automatically, without any previous attempt whatsoever.

As I feel light sleep paralysis happens much more naturally after my first partial separation experience, I think the same might be happening with this vibratory state, it's like consciousness says "I see you're interested in this thing I always done without you even noticing, I can give you a call when it's happening if you wish!" ;D

Later on I finally fell asleep and had a crazy vivid dream, very very long which looked and felt really cool, so as my first experience came with a bonus lucid dream also this one triggered a dream improvement.

Now it will be all about having a nice, even, sleep pattern and applying the Indirect Techniques along with the Deferred Method.

Happy New Year to all the phaser out there! 8)
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:22 am

Tonight I was able to try out the Deferred Method.

Went to sleep at about 11:00 PM and woke up at 05:00, I quickly fell asleep again and after a while I woke up and immediately tried to separate.

I felt some kind of energy but not enought to separate, so I started doing cycle: Phantom Wiggling, Visualization, Swimming.

I did this cycle 3 times and, as always, Phantom Wiggling started to have some results with my right hand moving a little bit upwards, but I soon realize the movement is not enough.

I then decided to implement FFI instead of visualization, since i didn't had any results with this technique, but at the end of fourth cycle I switched to a full Forced Falling Asleep attemp.

What a great technique!!! The slight vibration I started feeling immediately rose up to a knotch and I felt very intense vibrations, so I'm straining my brain and body to go a step further and separate.

As I feel the separation going on, an alarm system in the neighbourhood went on, ending the experience with such frustration.
The alarm went on a while so I ended up being too much awake and it was already time to start off the day by the time I managed to relax again.

In the past few days I finally had the time to carefully read "The Phase", that gave me such much more knowledge and back-up plans. I wouldn't be able to reach such state tonight if it wasn't for the detailed methods to adapt and overcome any situation while trying to get in the Phase.

Anyways, with right conditions, I've been had 100% success rate so far, looking forward to implement this new schedule along with FFI and a well-studied plan of techniques execution and adaptation on-the-go,
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:59 am

Woke up this morning and "paused" for a few seconds before being able to think properly.

Gave the Indirect Techniques a shot anyways, this time none of the "physical" techniques worked but the visualization technique gave me results for the first time.

I started to see a building with numbers on it, I remembered to just vaguely interest myself with the picture and it soon became what looked like a Mall or a big Store.

Unfortunately, I forgot to separate and consciousness faded as I entered a dream, I recalled all this just after being awake for a while.

Glad I'm able to put on some experience in though, love the Phase. :)
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:45 am

A couple night ago I had another Phase experience.

Woke up from a bad nightmare after a couple hours of sleep, stood up and went downstairs to drink a glass of water.

When I got back to bed I tried to lay still on my back and focus on some visualization, after maybe five minutes I started to feel my body quickly becoming numb and not too long after a soft vibration pervaded my body.

I guess I was somewhat in sleep paralysis by then, kept my focus and remained calm, I also started hearing some noise in my hears but nothing loud or alerting.

I then decided I was ready to attempt an exit and I started reaching my hands out to climb outside my body.

As I started doing that, the vibrations became very strong and my heart started beating real fast.
The first time I was able to pull out legs and arms from my body it was upon awakening, some weeks ago, this rush lasted only a couple of seconds and then I was out.
This time, getting to the Phase not upon awakening, the strong rush was prolonged and it just wouldn't stop, apparently I couldn't get out my limbs either.
I ended up a little scared of too much vibrations and blew up the transition.

Still, I could feel some vibrations in the body and kept them up, after a while I tried to move out again, this time I imagined my subtle body running.
The vibrations turned up a notch but not as strong as before, but as I forced myself imaging the subtle body running as fast as I could I felt as my focus was shattering and the sleep paralysis felt as it was breaking down at the same time.

I know novices shouldn't attempt the Direct Methods, but I really felt it was the right time to do it and in fact it somehow paid off.

Now I'm trying to understand what mistakes I did, I feel I might have tried to get out too soon as I had no signs of the subtle body moving (the first time I did it Phantom Wiggling started to work very well prior to exit attempt).
But, I also think that if I somehow managed to remain calm when I felt the strong vibration rush and kept climbing up i might have been able to start feeling my subtle body crawling out of the physical.

One more page on the book and let's keep on working on it! :-)
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:27 am

Been traveling for awhile, unfortunately couldn't practice the Phase but now I'm back on the horse.

Tonight I woke up after a dream, still, eyes closed.

I felt a slight but steady vibration all over the body, tried to separate but wasn't successful, then I started rotating techniques and Phantom Wiggling (as always :-)) started to work.

Very very lightly I felt my right hand raise and a high pitch noise popped in my ears, but stil I felt too much connected to my physical body: noises outside, my stomach growls, bladder full.

I felt the disconnection fading away and I decided to woke up for a bit, when I got back to bed I could quickly get the vibrations back just by laying still, but once again they were very very mild so I just fell back to sleep and woke up later on without having another chance to the Indirect Techniques.

I'll keep workin' on it, I feel I'm getting more comfortable with the process! ;-)
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:42 am


This morning I wake up, get out of my bed and open the door of my bedroom.

I go to the toilet, switch on the light and look at the mirror, looking fresh, I start combing my hair but then I realize i just cut my hair much shorter than that!

BOOM! :o

I realize I must be in the Phase!!! Suddently I feel a rush of energy in my energy body but I manage to relax and immediately start do deepen the state, I started touching and looking very closely at some furniture in my bathroom and asking more clarity, I think it worked out but still the Phase felt quite unstable. It's crazy how real it felt, it wasn't looking 100% accurate compared to reality but items and stuff around were placed pretty much like in the physical!

Very Very detailed experience, I examined the furniture's wood veining which impressed me a lot with its details, then I looked at my comb, which was very realistic as well.

Then I think about my plan of action, which is demanding an answer for a current struggle I'm having recently, but it really felt like something too complicated for the actual stability I had in the Phase, I felt as running out of time.

So I move to my second desire, fly!

I burst through the bathroom wall to pass it through and fly outside, but (as it happened to my first lucid dream*) I felt stuck inside the wall surrounded by complete blackness.

I'm back in my body, but this time it ain't gonna fool me! :)

Without moving or opening my eyes, I imagined to extend my hand and grab the door's handle about 5 feet away and so I did, I didn't feel vibrations or anything else while separating from my body, the transition was pretty smooth.

I opened the door and got back to the bathroom, memory is already fading away but I remember doing pretty much the same thing, going straight to the bathroom and bursting through the wall, unfortunately the same thing happened and I got stuck in the wall, back to my body once again!

Pretty stocked, the realism of this Phases was a compromise between my hyper-realistic first partial separation* and my foggier first lucid dream*, but I had so much fun, especially the first part waking up, going out of bed and to the bathroom without knowing I was in the Phase, thinking I actually awoke! That is some crazy stuff right there! :)

Thumbs up for spontaneous Phases! ;)

*see above
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Re: Riding down the Astral [WhoIsLikeGod Blog]

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:51 am

Woke up this morning at about 05:00am, spontaneously I felt my right arm out of my physical body.

I felt very groggy, drunk like state, I immediately tried to move the rest of my body in order to stand up and succesfully did so after a couple of tries, I managed to extend my right arm well over its reach, that brought me to floating about 5 feet over my bed.

I've had some brief lapses in consciousness during the experience, at first, while still attached to my physical body I couldn't see, I realized my left eye was closed and non able to open, through my right eye I started to see tiny but extermely bright points of light.
The next thing I remember is that I was floating above my bed, vision was good enough to see the room, it had the same light as in the physical (just a dim light from my laptop).
I felt confident, glad I could enjoy the experience, but next thing I know I'm back in to my body.

Without losing time, I imagined grabbing the edges of the bed and pulling myself upward, in an instant and with much less resistance than my previous attempt, I'm back out of body.

I try to do my usual thing (that always failed me): going through a wall! :)

I still felt extremely groggy but somehow, and despite some short lapses in consciousness, I found myself to the other side of the wall outside my room floating, then I moved to the stairs in order to go downstairs, I saw through a window road workers with reflective jackets.

Next thing I did was deepening, I remember feeling my hands and being amazed on how real it felt, I think I also tried to gently bite my fingers to see how real it could be and I was actually very impressed!

Despite the deepening I got back into my body, but lapses in awareness aside, I think this experience lasted quite a bit.

I did some sort of deepening the first exit as well, but my movements felt very groggy, there was so much resistance pulling me back in my body that I couldn't do a tactile deepening, so I demanded more clarity but as I tried to say it outloud (it's the first time I try to speak out of body, usually I'm scared to wake everybody :) ) I felt my mouth half paralized and I just mumbled it with the typical "rescue me" voice in movies when the hostage has the mouth covered with something! :P

This was the groggiest experience ever, very weird, felt like stuck in the mud the whole time, at first very strongly bound to my physical body, I have lapses in memory and it was nowhere near the "scary" realism of other experiences, but it was fun and I'm glad I'm back on the horse after a very stressfull period.
I find that when the mind is very concerned about what's happening in the "physical", it's very difficult to project.

I didn't had a plan of action because I wasn't expecting to have an OBE, but lately these experiences come to me rather than me chasing them! It's all good though, I can't count the times that I wake up in a vibrational state, or with buzzing in the ears, I always have crazy vivid dreams as well.
I really do feel I initiated new perceptions in me and I'm really grateful for that, I don't know if it's related but another funny thing that's happening is that I always pick up my cellphone before an incoming call without expecting it, it's crazy I just pick it up or look at it and after seconds or a minute it rings! ;D

Well, thanks for reading, enjoy your OBEs!
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