Wayfarer's Blog: Traveling through the Illusions

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Wayfarer's Blog: Traveling through the Illusions

Postby Wayfarer Illusionist » Sat Mar 26, 2016 2:57 pm

Hello everyone, welcome. This is my very first post, and to be continued be filled with my journeys.

I'm Wayfarer Illusionist. It's supposed to be Wayfarer of Illusions but due to character limit it's shortened!
But yeah, as consequence, the two have totally different meanings. ::)

Anyhow, I'm really not new to this. I have been working on going into the phase for months, if not years, with constant failure. I believe it's because I think of both the phase and my school pressure. Going to sleep is more like hell for me as I keep thinking of how I ever finish my homework and projects, even on weekends.

But since coming summer, my motivation going to the phase is coming back. Now, with the heavy pressure gone, I believe I have spontaneous "phase dreams". Days after that, I finally have one, despite insomniac problems.

Here as follows:

Have trouble sleeping at 9:00PM so hard that I keep on rolling around. Thankfully, I finally slept around 11:40PM(my last time check before I fell asleep). Then I woke up around 2 or 3:00AM. Man, I'm still struggling, so I went down to drink something, also went to the bathroom just in case to prevent pee problems from waking me up again. After this, still struggling. This is the first time I have so much insomnia. Then I tried not to move, and forget my body by distracting myself. I look at the darkness that we normally see when we sleep. I feel it didn't distract me enough so I randomly visualized things. I also try to "feel" in my visualizations, like trying to perceive the rubbing texture of the wall in my bedroom. This caused some sort of a "rebound" in my conscious and made me fell drowsy. I work on it harder until an imagery zoomed in.

Now this is the time I accidentally went to the phase.

As I remembered, as it zoomed I saw a living room with two slime like, cartoony creatures that looks like Pou in an android game, sitting on a sofa. Then I 'm in the living room. As I saw it, I believe I'm in the phase, as I'm supposed to be fighting my insomnia. I palpitated around the walls and it deepened somehow. I tried reality checks, one is "finger through palm" and it failed twice, but I remembered 12padams "inhale through pinched nose" check and for the first time some clean cold air passed in my nose. Now I see the room has mint green walls, opposed to be covered by brown tiles in my house. So yep, it confirmed I'm in the phase and thought of my plan of action. Unfortunately I'm done palpitating already and didn't wrote all plans before so I tried my childhood dream, shapeshifting. It failed though, then I'm black out. I end up in the same position, lying in my bed distracting away to have sleep.

It's pretty much a short experience, I feel it only lasted 5 seconds. Oddly, I interpret it as a dream, despite I have at least think logically in there. I'm pretty sure I have the same scenario like 12padams in his Entering-the-Phase book. Even my mind trying to convince otherwise, I can't doubt it, I'm in the phase... :o

Wow I never knew I'll type this long... I have totally weird "dreaming about the phase" kind of dreams (that I also take them as "training grounds" before the real thing occurs) that I also wanted to share, but this is too long now. I think I'll add them sometime.

Hope I can have other people to discuss more about this, also I hope you guys enjoy.
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Re: Wayfarer's Blog: Traveling through the Illusions

Postby Wayfarer Illusionist » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:24 am

Ok now I'm fully convinced that I went to the phase this time! ;D

Woke up at 6:00 through alarm. Drank some water to relieve sore throat at least. Still insomniac to perform indirect techniques however, so instead I laid still on bed and immediately performed WILD/WBTB method without warning, just like my last phase entry. For the first time I felt that "heavy blanket" covered over my body. After it's done I just stood up.

Now I noticed that I'm already in my living room.

The chairs and sofa were arranged oddly. I looked underneath me and I saw my own body lying on a large sofa. So yeah, I'm dreaming! ::) I said that then my vision made clear. ASAP I went to the mirror. Cool, the reflection of the mirror looked like cheap smartphone/tablet camera lens. I saw the reflection of the environment and myself, looking a bit younger and goes in different colors.

Now I was about to do my objectives from here but a dream figure ruined everything for me. :-\

I saw my mother went home and wants bonding time with me. But since I was alarmed to 12padams experience from engaging these figures I simply said "But I have something important to do". Other words I ignored her and performed my deepening; palpitating,reality checks, etc. I can't concentrate however, and when I looked back my odd feelings went catastrophe. I saw my mother have bonding time with my body that was lying on the sofa before. They turned back, my mother frowned on me while my other did a troll face on me (yep you read it) :o

From here I went like "wtf?" and went out of bounds. I tried to go back and failed. So I simply recorded this instead.

Ok, my mother have no time to do bonding with me but still loves me for the little things I do to her, so I don't think shes like that. Still, I'll try to talk to her about the experience. But now, hard lesson learnt: Be a badboy and do the objectives as everything in there is a dream, talk to the figures only if necessary.

Anyway I'm happy that I finally know what to focus. I'll continue to practice WILD/WBTB method so that I can have phase experiences at least 3 times a week! Someday this summer I might be able to conduct experiments and journeys like you guys.

Hope you have a nice phase day! ;)
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Re: Wayfarer's Blog: Traveling through the Illusions

Postby Wayfarer Illusionist » Sat Apr 02, 2016 8:49 am

Although I didn't have the chance to enter the phase, I have an interesting short story from my waking life. :)

I've been practicing mindfulness throughout my phase journey so I can remember and do things very well. Sometimes though, my mind wants to interrupt me with memories from past or things I must do later on. Other words, I lose consciousness in some hours.

One time my mother came and she's pretty hungry. She asked me to open a jar of Chiz Whiz so she can add fillings on her toast. Now the odd part, I caught myself thinking while suddenly I heard a "pop" near me and it's actually me opened the jar despite all the label and seals on the lid from the manufacturer, like it was nothing. The thing is that if I were aware what I'm doing I'll know it was sealed so I have to remove the label on the lid and grab a spoon to knock the lid until it "pops".

So I thought of this, it seems our beliefs do affect our perception of things and we act according to what we believe. In my scenario I believe it's impossible to open the jar if I didn't remove the manufacturer's seals, but oddly I opened it mindlessly without breaking any seals. This has to do with the phase, what we believe is what we manifest.

And I think this can be a double-edged sword when we are in both the phase and in waking life. I remembered Xanth (from Astral Pulse) in his pdf that "snap judgement" can alter the nature of the phase and possibly ruin it(or profit, lol). In waking life, sure you thought there's a stone on your yard which actually an old coin when you go near to it but in the phase well you believe it's a stone then there you have it, too bad. ;)
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Re: Wayfarer's Blog: Traveling through the Illusions

Postby Jessy » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:08 pm

Wow what a great experience
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