The phase inside a non lucid dream

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The phase inside a non lucid dream

Postby Longinus » Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:46 pm

First I want to start with the fact that I am so alone for the fact that my entourage can't really understand what it means to even be lucid in a dream. I live in Cameroon, central Africa. It is not a common all...
Well talking about the dream I had the 26th at about 5am, it was really deep...I found the experience really weird and staggering at the same time.
I have been a phaser for long now, precisely 4 months ago, but a lucid dreamer for more than a year. But this night I was having a regular dream, when in the mist of it I entered into the phase and was totally conscious in it, but when I got out of the phase the experience slid to a regular non- LD again.
I don't want to explain it step by step here, but I had a strange sensation with my body in the phase. I could see my other dream body lying down. However I felt it very difficult to move, i was standing up, my body was weighing a ton...really....but I forced myself until I succeeded to move , in a sluggish manner though.
I believe this experience took another level of the spiritual quest. Or if anyone have had any experience like this maybe we can just get in touch,... This is my email:

I am a little bit in search for guidance also, I can't really discuss issues like this with people that just want you to be 'normal'...thanks for understanding
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