Success on second night.

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Success on second night.

Postby Mikey » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:49 am

Hi Guys, I'm new on the forum but I discovered the Phase 10 months ago. I'd already had many lucid dreams but never an OBE and late january I attempted the Indirect Method (together with my brother) for the first time. My brother had success the very first night... I had mine the 2nd night. I've had lots of experiences since then so I thought it time to share them. Here's an account of that first OBE.

I'd retired to bed at 00:30 with the alarm set for 5am. In the night I'd been up been up briefly for the WC, but further I'd slept soundly. I woke at 5am, drank a coffee, reviewed the plans and intentions for the experience. After 30 minutes I headed back to bed (in the meantime I'd moved my room-mirror to my brother's room - a side-room just off the lounge. This would get me out of my own room to find the mirror, and also be able to view my brother sleeping, which I thought would be an interesting part of the experience).

The Event
I slept through the next couple of hours except for one short dream and a call for the WC - this I resisted and returned instead to sleep. At one point I woke and opened my eyes but quickly closed them again, afraid to break the deep state I was in.
I remember another moment of standing next to my bed and noticing how the floor seemed wobbly (or was it my legs?). This could have been part of my OBE or a different one - it's hard to tell - but at a certain point I DID get out of bed, though I don't remember the impulse.
However, once out, I knew what was happening and that I'd succeeded in reaching separation. I resisted the urge to look at myself in bed (I'd heard this can pull you straight back into the body), but I did take quick note of the changes in my room, which seemed more orderly than I normally have it. So, I checked the status of my situation by levitating a few inches off the ground, confirmed I was OOB, and opened the door to the hallway in search of the mirror (no problem remembering where I'd placed it).
In the hallway I passed my brother who was heading for WC; I thought: he's either a projection of my own, or he's dreaming himself, or he's real but can't see me because I'm in my astral body. I spoke to him but he didn't respond. I walked on to the "guest-room" to find the mirror.
The room was as normal for the most part, but the table was moved and now stood so it was blocking the mirror. It was also set for a party or something - a bright yellow spread and some candles. I didn't pay this much attention, I'd expected some changes, so I waited for my brother to come out of the WC so I could head for the mirror there. He came back into his room and I spoke to him again, still no reaction so I patted him on the cheeks - he brushed his face briefly as if he felt something. I didn't play with this further - needed to get to the mirror and follow the protocol of the system.
So, I got to the mirror and viewed myself. My reflection was not clear, a bit hazy and deformed. I used a technique of deepening and clearing involving rubbing my hands together, and the reflection did clear up a little. Feeling pressed for time, I then moved on into the lounge. The next step would have been my action-plan (a flight outside and to the moon), but I was so engulfed in the profoundness of this experience I stayed in the lounge and levitated again. First a few inches, then higher to the ceiling. As I got higher I felt myself speeding up, and I circled around the room close to the ceiling, coming to rest and hovering in one of the top corners. From there I watched my brother come back into the room, light a candle by our meditation corner (I have a meditation corner!), and settle into meditation pose.
Next, I brought myself back to the ground and decided I'd go look at myself lying in bed. As I approached the bedroom door I felt the pull of my body, and the next moment I woke up right back in it.
I checked the time, 8am, needed the wc, so got up, too excited to go back to sleep for another go - and I couldn't wait to tell my brother!
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