Spaceman At My Window

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Spaceman At My Window

Postby Mikey » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:27 am

This is one of those gift dreams - they start off as a normal dream, but transition into deeper states of lucidity that allow you to escape from the dream plot and set off on your own quest, and, in doing so, transform the experience into a rich and classic OOB event. The triggers that drive this transitioning are often spontaneous, but can also be practised in waking life so they are recognized in the dream. Rarely, but sometimes, they even come knocking at your window...

* I'd been practising the Indirect technique, having slept 5-6 hours in the night and woken with the alarm, then gone back to sleep to wait for an awakening in which to utilize the separation/projection technique (from the Phase method by Michael Raduga). I'd woken a couple of times - opened my eyes once and saw my brother nearby so I thought I'd woken proper, but it was a false awakening. I realized this too late, and though I attempted the separation-cycles I had no success, and went back to sleep.

Later I heard a knocking at the window. I got out of bed and hid out of sight. It seemed I had an appointment with a friend of mine, and I thought this was him - I was playing a game with him, to see what he would do next. But he never came to the door as expected so I went to the window. Instead of my friend, I saw a figure in a white space-suit hovering outside. He darted quickly away when he saw me.

I opened the window to call him back and saw the scene that triggered my lucidity. The house and room were not mine, and the window looked out from two floors up onto an open field... and in that field there stood a whole group of these figures in space-suits - looking in my direction - the "one" still hovering above them. My first thought was that they were not human but friendly alien visitors, and I opened the window to beckon them over to the house. But as I waved my hand to them, they fell to the ground. Odd! I thought. I waved my hand again and they rose up again. Seemed I had a superpower - something cool to play with.

I opened the window and levitated out through it, fully and naturally aware that I could do this. The field was suddenly full with people as if there was some kind of village celebration going on. I lowered myself to the ground, forgetting all about the "visitors from space", who then seemed to have left and never came back - maybe they were there "just" to wake me up.
On the ground I played with my new superpower. I saw some dogs playing and waved my hands at them - they dissappeared. One of them I lifted up and waved it across my field of view like you move an item across a computer screen. As it passed by a brick wall it seemed to disappear behind it, as if the wall contained a dividing line between this scene and an overlapping one - the dog sliding between the two. But it got stuck (the way images sometimes freeze on computers) and I could see that what remained was "pixelated"... I then understood that the whole vision in front of me could be a digital composition and pixel-generated - as could all reality.
I played further with my powers. I watched the people around me, some were dancing, some were drinking. I waved my hands in the air to see what would happen - what happened was that their clothes disappeared. Now I'm surrounded by a crowd of happy dancing naked people. I moved through the crowd, no-one seemed concerned about their nakedness, but then a group of men came up to me. One of them, a "big" guy, asked why I was still wearing clothes. I told him it's because I'm the one with the power, and, as a demonstration of this I waved my hands and clothed him. He was suitably surprised so I made him naked again. This just made him angry and he made a lunge towards me. I waved my hands again and made him shrink to child-size so he couldn't harm me - didn't stop him though, he just became more frustrated and angrier. I thought it best to leave this place. I returned him to his normal size and took off into the air. Then I realized he was following me - caught up in my "wake" - so I turned briefly to cut him loose, watched him fall to the ground, then sped off into the clouds.

No more games. The night before, I'd set the intention, should I have an OBE, to visit the moon - I was now on my way there. I soared at superman-speed through the clouds, feeling the rush of the air and the dampness of the atmosphere, and anticipating the breakthrough of the cloud-cover into a bright, blue, sunny, open sky. But when I did break through, the sky was dark, and the blanket of clouds below me were also dark instead of the fluffy-white I'd expected. I searched the sky for the moon but it was nowhere to be seen. I could see the sun though, but it was much farther away than it should be. It was as if I was in the deepness of space but in a different part of the solar system - the vicinity of Mars rather than Earth, though Mars wasn't to be seen either.
I decided if I was to find the moon I would need to "teleport" there instead of flying directly. I'd never tried teleporting but I knew of some techniques. I decided I would dive back into the clouds with my eyes closed, and when I landed, I would miraculously be on the surface of the moon. So, back down I went, eyes closed, eventually felt the landing on firm ground, opened my eyes - and I was in a busy shopping street.
Disappointed at my failure, I needed to review my plan of "next" action, and to help me think, I decided to roll myself a cigarette. Somehow I'd manifested my rucksack with me, so I fished out my tobacco pouch, only to find that it was filled with twigs and soil that was impossible to roll into anything I could smoke.
In my frustration I briefly tried levitating again, but it seemed I'd lost my powers - and with that I also lost my lucidity and got caught up in a dream scenario of looking for a litter bin to empty my bag of twigs and soil before going on to find a tobacco shop. I woke while I was searching for my wallet.
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