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Postby tangled » Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:14 am

My first experience was about a year ago, I had been trying for a couple of months to OBE but no avail. I also had been reading the phase book but not tried it out yet. i was starting to become skeptical as every technique i read and tried from various sources failed to work.

But then one Saturday when i took a nap during the day with no intention of trying for an OBE, as I was falling asleep i saw a bright sparkling light that grew bigger and bigger until I could see behind closed eyes. I seemed to just instinctively know that this was a good time to try to separate and i rolled out of my body. My body felt all tingling and buzzing and at first my movements were heavy like my limbs were numb and made of lead, but gradually it became easier.

I started to move towards the mirror on my bathroom door. I looked back to see if my body was still in my bed and it was but it looked like ghostly grey kind of color. I looked in the mirror and my face was all distorted and twisted, nothing like my real self at all.

Then i started to wander around and my room changed to a different place. Sort of reminded me of the house where i grew up but was definitely different. I went through all the different rooms and saw my mum and brothers. Then i walked on to the street. It was very crowded people bustling everywhere. Then i caught a glimpse of what I was looking for this whole time - my friend that recently died. I called out to him and started running in an effort to reach him but he had disappeared. Then i was returned to my body and woke up.
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Postby Sirius_Wilde » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:54 pm

I just saw the documentry yesterday and was shocked when I saw many of my ideas shared by other people. I had had lucid dreams in which I knew I was dreaming and was able to change around decoration or events in the dream. Most of them happenned when I was having a nightmare and so scared that (probably was about to wake up) I realized I was dreaming and decided to make monsters disappear, or produce a sword in my hand to defend myself. Other times, when I was having an erotic dream and decided to finish it before waking up.
I had also read some of the book of Carlos Castaneda when I was younger, but totally convinced that the practice of such experience under the influence of peyote was not very recommendable. Yesterday I saw the video, read the instructions on the book online, and decided firmly, not only that I wanted to try, but also that I should teach my children (I have three, 9, 6, and 4 years old). But I had to wake up early today, so I took the opportunity during a day nap (this was just two hours ago). I had been sleeping for about one an a half hour the most, when something exterior started waking me, now I know it was the phone, but I am so lucky as to be a sound sleeper, and normally take outside stimulous into the dream and go on sleeping. But this light awakening reminded me of what I was trying to do today, so I started with the technique of leaving my physical body. I wasn´t being succesful and was nearly falling completely asleep again, so I ketp on "thinking" (the word just seems meaningless in the state I was in) about what I had read in the book, it was almost as if I was reading it over again in my mind, but the other techniques described seemed even more difficult, so I just forced myself into looking far beyond my eyelids. Then, suddenly, something happenned, I felt weird, so I rolled out of the couch I was lying on and found myself ineplicably going to the lavatory I have near the living room to cover the first step, look at myself in the mirror. I didn´t even bother to turn the light on, so it was dark, and the mirror wasn´t exactly as it is in reality, but I recognized my face in the shadow. I have to admit here that I was so eager to start travelling that I did not take longer here, and suddenly I found myself in a room, standing in front of a white wardrobe closet. There was a window to my left side and it was night, a clear warm night. I opened the closet and started touching everything. All the time reminding, telling myself, feel all you can as said in the description of the website. The doors felt so soft, inside there was some linen and I touched all the clothes, even smelled them, it felt so real! Looking at the wardrobe, I thought it looked like something in my granmother´s house (even though nothing looked like anything I can actually remember), so I said to myself: "That´s what I want to do while I´m here, I wanna see my granny", she passed away 15 years ago. I started walking along the house passing by several different rooms, calling her name. I could smell something was cooking in the kitchen, but I dint´t see her. I got to the end of the long house to a room hardly furnished, thought I had missed her somewhere along the way, but when I tried to come back a door had closed. This can´t be, I said to myself, I didn´t do this, I need to go back, so I took a key and open the door. At this point, something was trying to pull me back to consciouness, I could feel I had little time if I was to find my grandmother. There she was, I kept on calling her and crying. Honestly, it was so real I could feel the tears on my cheeks, I could feel my arms trying to reach her, one part of my mind was sure I was moving also in the reality of my couch in the living room, I was sure I was moving my lips in dreams and that that would wake me up, so I tried to stay calm. Finally I hugged my granny. I was aware I was about to wake up, so I just told her: "Quickly!, just giv me a hug before I have to leave". The phone was ringing again, so now I was awake, but it has been too hard to stay awake and not fall back asleep. Like I couldn´t open my eyes.
This has been my first controled eperience in the phase. I had been unable to speak or think for a while after it, it has been amazing.
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Postby Lionel Buffman » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:23 am

I became lucid during a dream. I remember I firmed my intention before sleeping to recognise and be aware of my dreams. I recognised I was dreaming when I realised that a particular dream location I had been to before. I remember my awareness was dragged in kinda slowly. I was standing in a video game world, in a jail cell of some kind. I remember punching a wall to feel the tactile responses this would produce as part of deepening. Punching a wall felt realistic, but completely removed. The physical sensations of the pain were present; but the emotional response to it was absent. I decided pain was rudimentarily unnecessary in the phase then and there.

I then begun deepening techniques. I walked vigorously around the cell rubbing my hands together and palpating my body and clothes. I made an error during the technique however - my intention was not firmly placed on the goal of focusing on the tactile responses and deepening the phase, I was performing the techniques almost autonomously. I also did not attempt peering at objects. The phase was partially deepened, but not hyper realistic.

There was an old woman standing next to me, so I experimented with gaining information. Very gently, as if speaking to a child, I put my hand on her shoulder and asked her name. She said it was Joan. "Joan. Joan, what's my name?" she looked a little confused, but eventually told me my full name. I observed the features of her face as she spoke, her face was very well defined with wrinkles, short grey hair and brown eyes. I asked her "Joan, how old am I?" and she shook her head and said she didn't know. I immediately dismissed this object as it was unable to answer my questions.

Having however successfully experimented with information gathering, I turned to my next item of experimentation, which was to look in a mirror. I left the cell by opening a locked door by simply projecting my intention onto it to open. In the next corridor, there lay a woman on the ground, who asked what I was doing. I explained to this woman without looking at her that I was controlling a phase space, and my next intention was to locate a mirror. In this hallway I could not see a mirror, so I decided to experiment with object finding techniques. I decided there would be a mirror on the wall behind me, and then spun around. Instead, there seemed to be an illuminated perspex advertising poster like at a train station. I observed this was not a mirror.

I remembered to maintain, and begun rubbing my hands together (but the same error in intention occurred, and the hand rubbing was more autonomous and didn't deepen much). The woman lying on the floor told me there was a mirror on the coffee table next to me, and indeed there was. "Brilliant, thank you." I said to her. I walked to the mirror and looked into it. I saw my face reflected back, but it was all wobbly around the edges, and my eyes were two glowing silver holes. Content that this action was fulfilled, I moved onto my next intention, which was to experiment with flight. I simply levitated. There was no effort or uncertainty about this action. The next action to experiment with was transmutation of my hair. I returned to the ground, looked in the mirror and attempted to make my hair rise. Instead my focus rested on my reflection, and I was returned to the body.

I immediately remained motionless, and I focused my intention on being back in that room. A short while later I was returned, back looking in the mirror. My vision was blurry so I begun rubbing my hands and palpating my body. A grave error occurred in my technique however: I had inadvertently closed my eyes during palpation. This returned me to my body again. I focused again and tried to return, but was unable.
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Postby yunana » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:12 pm

in 1987 it was the first time I experienced out of body travel , all so suddenly , after praying , I lay down on the chair , but the sound of a very loud explosion woke me up , I was surprised to spontaneously jump , god ! i can see at my own body was sleeping , I panic and scream , die , says that it flashed in my mind , once I woke up with a pounding heart .
The strange thing happens over and over with different scenarios , sometimes being in the sky , in the forest and at one time in the belly of a whale .

I am looking for those who have experienced similar things , and finally I found the answer , it is out -of-body travel spontaneously , because a lot of my friends in Indonesia who experienced it , I started trying to program in order not to experience it spontaneously, as a result of my able to program it , if I want to, then I was able to get into phase by just listening hints from my mind

the problem is how to survive in this phase, which occurs always returned to the body .

when I got older , I began to open out -of-body travel training in Indonesia , from a variety of sources and ways that I developed myself, until I finally found a method that is suitable for students who want to learn to enter phase through practice book written by michael raduga

I understand it is impossible to study phase started with direct exit , I believe only with indirect exit someone will be able to get into phase , as long as they follow the instructor and instructions lgiven on phase book and after mastering it they can go foward with direct exit
before practice indirect techniques, many of my students have always failed when studying out-of-body travel after I recommended ways listed in the book phase, now that they were able to enter and survive in phase.

l thanks to michael who consistent invites mankind to study the phase.
now i plan to open the first sobt in asia region
and actively develop in Indonesia, support and help to achieve this goal, I would expect from Mr.Michael Raduga

regards to the practitioner who is studying phase


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Postby Shakuphaser » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:52 am

I've been interested in esoteric studies and out of body travel since I was 10 years old and have read much literature, but have never consistently achieved strong, lasting results. Only the occasional lucid dream. So coming across Michael Raduga's work was immediately fascinating to me. I was initially introduced to The Phase in November of 2013 by my friend Kate. I read the online book at the beginning of December and tried several times unsuccessfully to reach the Phase. Then in January, Kate gave me a hard copy of the book, and with added inspiration from another friend who also reached the Phase, I finally achieved it on Jan. 6.

I went to bed around midnight after reading a book. I set my clock to wake up at 6:00 am. When I woke up, I went to the washroom, took a drink of water and reviewed the Phase directions and thought of my plan of action: I would wake up in the Phase, look myself in the mirror and teleport to Japan to one of my favorite temples in the mountains. So I fell asleep. The funny thing is, at the time, I got the Phase directions a little mixed up…I thought one was supposed to do the indirect techniques upon falling asleep rather than upon waking. So I was doing the indirect techniques upon falling asleep. But interestingly, when I awoke, I found myself in the Phase rising out of my body! I knew consciously that I had made it! But the strange thing is that I woke up in another place and time. The room I was in was in my old bedroom in my parent’s house in Southern California (I live in BC, Canada); and the mirror I looked into which was on the wall next to the bedroom door, is no longer there today; we got rid of the mirror years ago! Anyway, I was still excited to be in the Phase. I felt there was no one at home. Then I suddenly had the desire to fly. So I went downstairs to the living room and attempted to fly by lifting up my arms and lift off the ground. Then I was suddenly back in my body and woke up in my regular bed in Canada. It felt great to finally reach The Phase! I look forward to honing the ability. :D

Thanks, Kate introducing me to The Phase and for Michael Raduga for opening the door to a new world for humanity! :))
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Postby Gemini Girl » Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:02 am

I've only just become interested in OBE/astral projection. I downloaded some of Michael Raduga's 'The Phase' the other day and read about indirect methods.

Last night I went to bed just before midnite, and woke about 2.30am, I went to the bathroom, got a drink, went back to bed and went through my plan of action. It took me awhile to fall asleep again because I felt excited and too much info was running thru' my head. When I started to feel myself finally drifting off, I started getting that tingling feeling.

I've had that tingling many times over the last few years, and always just as I drift off to sleep, but nothing has ever happened before and I thought it was my guides coming to visit. It's a feeling of pure relaxation and ecstasy.

Anyhow, as it came on last night I began to feel myself levitating a little bit and I thought this is it!! I tried to think of the different methods I should be doing to separate but my mind was all over the place. I just thought, "I want to do this before the feeling disappears". Then I felt myself putting my legs out of bed and sitting up, which was a bit an effort. I thought for a second it was my real self but then realised it wasn't. I walked around the end of my bed and looked back to see myself lying in bed. Cool. I then went to the mirror on my dresser but it was too small and dark in the room to see myself properly. I went and looked in the bathroom mirror. My face looked a bit contorted but my hair was really different. I have short, grey hair, close to my head but in the reflection I had longer dark hair that was quite frizzy and stood about 2" out from my head. My next stop was at my son's bedroom. He's just moved out and I've rearranged the bed so I wanted to see how it looked now. The bed was in the new position but the cable for the PC, which is in the left corner was now in the right corner, and there was a small light and buzzing sound coming from it. I thought that's strange seeing there's no PC connected to it.

My next stop was the lounge room where I planned to fly up through the ceiling. I must admit that I forgot about maintaining although there was nothing in the hallway that I could have palpated. Yes, I should have rubbed my hands together. As I said, my mind was all over the place and I couldn't think clearly. I quickly flew up thru' the ceiling before I lost it but by this stage I couldn't see anything so I said to put me back down. When I touched the floor again I relaxed and then woke up.

It might not have been the best first OBE but I'm really happy to have experienced it so soon after reading Michael's instructions. Now I can build on it. There's so much I want to do.
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Postby ramunas8 » Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:44 pm

First time I got to know about lucid dreaming and had my first lucid dream as an adult after I read all Carlos Castanedas’s books in 2011. Although I didn’t became a follower it shook the base of my world and made me curious about realms beyond this reality. The second wave came last year when I found online a very inspiring fiction book ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ written by Barry Daniels (that year I got my second and third lucid dreams), but only when this January I put my hands on well known guide book ‘The Phase’ I seriously decided I want to become a Dream Master… :)
So here is my story, a month ago I was dreaming I’m walking with a woman along the street (I wanted to help her, she was in some kind of trouble) when suddenly I realized it’s not for real, I’m just dreaming!! The very next second I did what I had in my plans long time ago, started to shout my wife’s name loudly when in just few seconds a woman besides me transformed into my wife. Quickly I started to say words I wanted to say, how much I love her and how much I miss her (I haven’t seen my wife for the last six months). Although she was unresponsive I was happy to see her very realistic face and her smile as she was having a pleasant dream. At the same time I had this second thought I have to watch my hands (yeah, maintaining) and I did but still had my usual foul in 10-15 seconds. Thanks to Michael I knew I have a chance to reenter so I stubbornly did everything I learned in a book. It wasn’t easy, took me around 15 minutes (I even changed position of my body) and when finally I separated it was spontaneous - one moment I was having vibrations watching pointless spots in a void of my closed eyes and the very next one I’m walking down the main street of my native town (still it looked somehow different than in reality). First steps were very emotional, I felt like the first human being stepping out on Mars. I will skip some of my encounters to make the story shorter but the most realistic moment to mention was when I looked up while walking and saw that saturated blue sky and thought clearly to myself: ‘so that’s how it looks like, they even made the sky for real, it’s not painted, those white little clouds are moving!’ (probably I referred ‘they’ as some kind of programmers that created that virtual world). Then at some moment I thought I want to visit some other places while in the phase, not just my native town. So I said loudly ‘I want to go to…’ and oops, I couldn’t think at that moment what place I wanted to see. While I was contemplating for few seconds I saw at the end of the straight street a green hill with some palms on a top. The view definitely didn’t belong to my city, it was as if someone was trying to help me: ‘eh, why not to visit this place for a starter?’ And I said loudly to myself: ‘sure, why not, I want to go there’. The very next moment I was surrounded by tropical greenery. There were people of darker color, so I decided it could be India. Skipping some of the things I encountered there I just wanted to mention, this is where I had my first conversation with a local person - an older woman that didn’t speak much (although she was a good listener) but provoked me by saying: ‘you know, entering the phase can be unhealthy’. Now I just couldn’t stop, I was explaining in quite elaborate words (an in English for some reason) about how much freedom the phase give to the person, how much positive influence it can make on one’s life and all that stuff. Of course I forgot all maintaining in the world and yes, I have to admit, got too much involved into conversation. I guess I was gradually slipping into the dream. But I still had my second reenter that night after I woke up and I still managed to meet my son (it was very emotional encounter).
The whole phase experience affected me in a very positive way and was so different than all my short lucid dreams that I had before, I think it lasted at least five minutes and would be much longer if only I didn’t forget about maintaining.
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Postby Delracman » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:42 pm

I can't exactly remember my first lucid dream, but the one I remember most was earlier this year.
I was walking on campus to a building at school when I noticed the arrangement of the buildings were wrong. Where was the dining hall? The theater didn't look like that! I am not behind a science lab! That's when I realized I was in a lucid dream. I then kept flying around and entered a building. The inside was right but the location and look of the outside wasn't right. Then I was electrocuting people for fun. Then I remember nothing except I was flying over a building to get away from something, but I had a hard time flying because I was starting to become less lucid.
I was had another one when I was walking into a building and went up the stairs. It is one of the buildings where you go up, platform, go up, etc, except the inside wasn't like that. It was a flight of about 10 steps going up onto a platform, then another flight of 10 steps going up it on the other side. Then I was walking down the other steps (dont remember going on the platform) and the door was wide open, no one opened it. That's when I realized I was in a dream. I walked out and the outside looked the same as real life. Just as I was going to walk somewhere (dont remember where) I woke up.
I have attempted to go into OBE's from lucid dreams before, but one was super dark and I crashed into something (I think my dresser) and woke up because I was flying and couldn't control myself and the other was me getting out of bed in a bedroom and immediately woke up.
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Postby CFKing2020 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:39 pm

I have been away from obe4u for quite a long time. However, I was pleased to find a message in my e-mail, in-box, from another obe4u traveler. The web-site has changed a bit from my last visit. It will take some getting use too I guess.
But it was good to hear from another obe4u user. In my personal life, things have gotten a little difficult for me, so I haven’t been able to follow the blogs and comments on the website. However, I was able to attend several Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON meetings in Arizona last year, and I spoke to a representative out there, and in New Mexico, about out of body travel and alien abduction experiences. The response was a bit cold, not too interested in bringing the experiences together or they are just open to anything and don’t know what to say or do. Basically they thought I was out of my fucking mind and were afraid to talk to me. I was never able to make a friend who claimed to be an expert, or talk to anyone directly about my experiences.
I’ll publish more of my death experience in the coming days, it reads just like an alien abduction experiences.
Be well

Back in September of 2002, I was 46. I was overweight; I was smoking lot and drinking probably more than I should have been for my health. My health was going downhill pretty fast by then and I am the kind of person that never took vacations from work, which made matters worse when I was hit with a heart attack and stroke.
My sister convinced me to take a long overdue vacation. While on vacation I ate some spoiled fish late the first night I was at her place. It wasn’t until I went to bed around midnight that I started feeling sick. I tried to get up to get a drink of water and the pain in my chest felt as if two heavy weights were holding me down.
My left arm all the way down to the tips of my fingers was pulsing in pain and felt like dead weight when I picked it up with my right hand. Tremendous jets of fear started coursing through me when my breathing stopped and I was in a full scale panic. I knew I was going to die; my body was all dead weight on the bed, much like a wet towel feels like if you put it across your chest. I was not breathing anymore and I just let myself die.
Everything grayed out, and I felt myself in a vast void, no up or down, or direction of any kind. I was calm and fascinated by it all. I didn’t have a body, yet I was thinking and feeling as if I were alive somewhere. The memories of my life seemed more real than the life I was living up to this point. I didn’t have a body until I thought about one, than I had one, only it was different it was translucent and there was only the void.
I wondered where I was, and when I looked up, I saw what looked like a giant bee hive with honey combs. There were lights coming and going, into it, and out from it. The hive was massive but it was still only a small part of a much larger cylindrical shaped complex, or organism.
I didn’t have a body, I didn’t have eyes, and I had memories of what my eyes had seen and what my body felt over the years to age 46. While I was dead I was alone I was not greeted by any spirits or angles or god for that matter. I was just alone in this grey void that felt endless and timeless. There was no up or down or anything that I could reference as a place of some kind.
I realized that when I thought of something it happened right away. For example when I thought about my body I had a body right away. I thought about a few things like how time could be all simultaneous and challenged the existence of god, which I’ll write more about later.
While in this void, I grew concerned about my body back in my bed room at my sisters, and found myself instantly in my body in the room again. I was in a lot of pain, I did a sit-up, a peeled out of body, half in, half out. The half out, felt light as a feather, my waste and legs the half still in, were still feeling the weight and years of use and abuse.
I peeled all the way out, I was hovering over my body while it lay on the bed and saw three others disembodied people in my room, also hovering over my body on the opposite side of the bed.

Be Well

I'll write more about it soon

Be well, King C. 2014
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Postby Ginrael » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:21 pm

I went to bed, after I finished chapter of my fantasy book about dragon warriors. I fell asleep. Suddenly I am realizing, I´m awaken here. I found myself in a mirror and took a notice of my new eyes, those orange draconic eyes. I felt my sword Draconei in my hand again. I was suprised. It was . . . too much familiar feeling. I had cloak on myself, fasten together at my neck area with blacksilver dragon necklace. Then I started to recalling memories !!! On what happened before. I have a fiery dragon soul in myself and . . . . frost dragon, empress of my hearth, she came to me, thanking me, that I saved her from Underworld. I made love with her. When I say love, I don´t mean only sex, but only one true love, which I could ever have. Now I am able to turn into dragon, fighting demons and lead my warriors into the battle under wings of Archangel Michael. :-)
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Postby Fooliery » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:41 pm

I practiced and studied everything astral projection related for thirteen years. I had odd experiences, but never once achieved the full out of body experience till three days ago wen I came across this web site. I downloadedthe book n directly after reading it I laid down for a mid day nap. Hoping to once again attempt a obe. Come my grate surprise upon waking that I was in the vary formiliar vibrating state that I had indused countless times before with direct methods. In this state in the past I could never let go n leave my body. But something was different this time. I felt a peace of mind I had not felt before. I remember I go. I felt myself begin to levitate and then Idid a back flip n iI was out! Excitement griped my vary being. With out wasting a second I walked to my door which was closed and walked threw it! Feeling the material of the wood threw my body as I did. I went straight for the outside. Longing to fly. And I did! Joyfully. Then I landed and became curious of the ground beneath me. I stuck my hands down into the earth n could feel the solid compact dirt between my fingers some how. It was amazing, and then it was over. But as I lay , reconnected with my physical body I could still feel the vibrations. So I thote ...why not? I left again. Having a similar experience. But this time flying was more difficult. My first attempt was comical. I jumped n landed on my belly. Then I took of from there n I found myself laughing. But not like anything that could be experienced in my body...I was laughing from the Depths of my spirit and it was wonderful! N just like before it was over.
Now here lies my dilemma. Since then I've been vigorously and aggressively trying to enter the phase again with no success. All these years of trying. To finally have my obe. N Im so scared It won't happen again. I mean I'm not giving up but if anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful
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Postby Odin-The-Father » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:17 am

I had my first Phase experience when I Was about 10.
I woke up early in the morning, around 4-5 a.m, and I found myself hovering above my bed. The thing is, I was floating along with my bed, covers, ... Not knowing what was happening to me, I panicked and I fell back down at an incredible speed, causing me to awaken immediately. I had a very vivid imagination at that age, and I believed in magick, so I thought I had the power to levitate. I tried to levitate consciously, but I finally gave up after failing to obtain results.

Around the same time, I began to have Sleep Paralysis Episodes that lasted for about a couple weeks, but then they just stopped occurring as well.

About 2 years ago, I began reading spiritual / motivational books, and I happened to find Steve G Jones Astral Projection series by accident. After that, I understood the nature of my one time spontaneous Phase experience, and I continued to look into the subject a bit more. I haven't had a conscious Phase experience since then, but I'm getting there.

A couple days ago, I was taking a nap, but then I almost became conscious in the Phase. I thought I was awake, playing a game on my iPad, but then when I concentrated on playing the game, I suddenly woke up and realized I was still sleeping and my iPad wasn't in my bedroom.

I now intend to practice more often and master the phase state. ;D
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Postby vegstar12 » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:17 am

My first Out Of Body Experience was very dramatic. I fell asleep around 4-5am. I experienced a sensation all over my body, I was in a meditative state of sleep, but at the same time I was aware of what was going on with me.
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Postby PrudenceRain » Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:40 pm


I had been practicing separation techniques for about a week when one night I finally felt strong vibrations. I saw glimpses of the room around me when I heard a soft voice say "just do it!" I separated just then by sitting up in bed. Looking around the room I noticed it was empty except for my bed and everything was illuminated. I turned to view my body but all I saw was a shadow in its place. I touched my face and everything felt so real! I was about to leave the room when I noticed the doorway was dark and it scared me awake.
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Postby Windwalker » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:10 pm

I disagree with Michael when he states: “Of course there were no aliens.” Ive had abduction experiences before i was aware of what the phase was. My alien experience is what SHOWED me what my potential is. By them hijacking my consciousness they proved beyond doubt that we exist beyond our bodies. Ive only recently discovered that i myself can control the phase experience once the vibrations begin. When aliens abduct people they dont take our bodies. They dont need to. They take our consciousness and then are able to manipulate our minds in that matter. But once you become aware that you yourself can control the phase then the aliens can no longer abduct you because you are consciously aware at that time.
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Postby aenigma » Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:01 pm

My first lucid dream happened when I was about 7 years old. I still remember it very vividly to this day (currently 33 years old). I was running and hiding from a monster in what looked like ancient Roman or Greek ruins. Then I suddenly realized that the situation made no sense and I must be dreaming. So I jumped into the air and I started flying. Now I knew I was dreaming for sure. So I shot the monster with a lightning bolt from my hand and then proceeded to fly around in the sky for the rest of the dream. I still have vivid memories of some of my other childhood dreams.

My first OBE happened when I was 15. I was laying in bed and I was unable to sleep (or so I thought). I decided that I wanted to go get a glass of water. I got out of bed and walked to my bedroom door. I felt like something wasn't quite right... like I wasn't alone. Then I looked back at my bed. I saw myself sleeping. I froze up because I didn't know how this was possible and then I was suddenly back in my bed.
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I see that there is not many replies in 2017.
But at least I have one.
I had my first obe a few weeks ago. By that time had tried with several different methods for many months with no luck. The method here is by far the best one. When you wake up...

So I woke up, did not move, but I knew what I wanted to do, but it did not happen that way. I've must have been in the phase because all I said was "sit up!" And the I did. I struggled a bit to get out of bed and by that time I thought I was getting out of bed fully awake. I said to my self that if people could see my now, getting out of bed with my actual body and thinking I had an one they would laugh so hard.

I was convinced that I had failed but I decided to get on my feet anyways. I looked out of the bedroom and didn't recognise what I was seeing so I walked out to my living room and looked out of the window. I live in a one story house, so I'm on the ground floor but when I looked out I was suddenly in a talk building in my flat was now on the 30th floor or something like that, and it was at that time I understood that I was in the phase.

The experience of me climbing clumsy out of bed made me believe that in was totally awake, but I guess I was wrong. I also forgot to strengthen and to go see my mirror. I eqlk3d around in my new flat for about 30 seconds before I woke up in bed.

This has to be one of the most profound experiences I've ever had so far in my life. It was so real! And the part with me getting out of bed was so real that I didn't even question if I'd made it. I knew I hadn't because it felt so real, yeah. All of it lasted for under a minute but it's worth so much more for my soul and my realisation of the world we live in. I actually don't care if it's all in my head or somehow out in the world. The experience feel almost too real, so I'm ok i888ñ only in my head. I don't think the experience would be worse or better either way.

Thank you so very much for this opportunity. I haven't tried too much lately as my mum is on her deathbed and she takes all my energy. She will be gone in just days so my plan is to see her in the phase when she has crossed over to the world of the dead. She turneturned 66 this year. That too young in my book, but that's life I guess.

I just wanted to thank obe4u for the best and most useful techniques die obe. I wouldn't make it with out this site, so thank you so much. I owe big time.

Thanks again

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