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Dete's diary

Postby Dete » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:12 pm

Hi everyone! (not that many on english site  ::), i do read russian but since i dont have russian keyboard decided to write in english and hope there are more people to come  :)

ve been reading raduga'a book for about 2 weeks and more or less trying to get in the phase, but normally i wouldn't succeed as i usually fell back asleep. today as i was reading the book of experiences (obe) i finally felt a bit sleepy and decided to have a short nap. already by reading the book i decided that when i succeed the phase i will try to contact my grandma who died 3 months ago. as i was sleeping i woke up by some sounds from the yard and downstairs neighbors, but strangely enough - with my left ear i heard tv sounds and too loud to be behind the walls and with my right ear i heard a repeated music theme, i decided that i am probably not too far from phase and tried to roll out of body. nothing happened. then i tried to fly up. zero again. i also tried to turn the sound louder and managed. but as the dividing from the body didn't happen - decided to sleep 2 more minutes and then stand up.
as i did the latter and entered the kitchen i saw grandma sitting in the corner and my mom cutting her hair. i couldn't see grandma's face as there were two monumental twins of me standing in front of her, aside of me, sort of sphinxes, strangely enough, the one who was closer to the door had a bed attached to her back (!!), i saw both of them from behind and they didn't move or say anything. i tried to walk towards grandma but couldn't, even if i managed some very unsure steps, they didn't lead me even an inch closer. i started to shout but grandma didn't react as if i was invisible. finally she stood up and moved, now i saw her completely but the picture was quite unclear. she definitely looked more fresh and younger then last time when she was alive. she was trying to tell me mom that she has done smth wrong with her and that they ve had some conversation in the last month of her life. neither me, nor mom understood what she's trying to say. she was also not willing to explain. i was panicked by thought that we have buried her alive. i also understood that this is phase and that i should immediately deepen it. as i was about to do something,, my phone rang and i was thrown out of phase and woke up.

i didn't want to sleep more as it was evening already. i am glad on 1 hand that i got in the phase and its real. on the other i was confused by what happened there. on the 3/rd (hand  ;D) - im curious to try next time and see what happens then (next morning? probably) meanwhile - continue on reading other experiences. cheers everyone!
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