Phasing into the unknown (Master G's Phase Quest)

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Phasing into the unknown (Master G's Phase Quest)

Postby masterg174 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:48 pm

I am a 17 Year old male, who has been interested in out of body travel for around 3 years.
I first heard about Out of Body exploration when a friend of mine at school,
told me about a binaural beat generator for his iPod Touch which he used to help him get to sleep. With this application, it also had one called "Astral Projection".

At this stage we both knew very little about OBE's; and both thought it was some fake dream comprised reality created by the mind.
However, as we started researching more and more, we started to learn that it was indeed real and we started attempting various techniques but did not succeed. We tried many textual guides, audio guides and whilst we gained some results, neither of us never fully and consciously separated. My friend, did get pulled out by a member of a OBE community, but remembers little details of the experience as he was not completely conscious during it.

So now after many failed attempts, my friend directed me to this site, and said he has achieved some results in entering the phase. I myself have always had a certain fear of OBE as I have heard of the horrific hallucinations and sounds associated with  sleep paralysis, and the entities one can see within the Astral Dimension, but I have learn't that you don't see these entities everywhere, and even with the fear of sleep paralysis, I am simply at the point where I want to at least get to the phase. Rather then bottling up this speculation about the unknown reality of the Astral, I simply want to get out there and see it first hand. Maybe I will have a negative experience, but at least it's an experience. I am tired of being scared, I simply want to embark into the unknown and see first hand what lies ahead. If one does not look into the unknown and thinks about what could be and does not embark into the unknown, he will never know what is there.

So Now I will use this blog as a journal of each day of my attempts to enter the phase. As I progress through I will outline the development of my experiences into the unknown to show how I have progressed the simplicity and ease of phasing into the unknown environment ahead of me; showing both mental and emotional change.

  General Goals
- To successfully phase into the unknown environment and walk around my house
- To developing my phasing skills in order to easily achieve separation
- To discover a world out there that is different to this world. This way I truly know there is more than physical world we live in.
- To travel to distant countries I have never been to before (China, Africa, America)
- To travel through time (if possible) and go back to look at how my younger self interacted with people and the environment.
  Goals for self-development and world salvation:
- To travel to the year 2013 and see what lies ahead for this year.
- To make sure the world is not corrupted of its government, and prevent a horrible event occurring very soon. I can't spare any details of this event but it must be prevented.
- To learn more of those who are in the "room" so that the above can be achieved.

Phasing into the unknown:

Day 1 (Saturday October 15th, 2011):
Today is my first day that I am embark on the journey into the unknown.
Tonight, I will go to sleep with the thought of waking up and not moving a muscle.
If I happen to enter a lucid dream, I will try to halt the dream in order to wake up without moving my muscles or opening my eyes.
If I fail, I will still try to practice the techniques as this will increase the chances of success next time.

This morning, I awoke up with the thought of not moving, however forgot why I was not meant to move and accidentally moved. I went back to sleep and awake again, this time however, I remembered not to move and did open my eye just slightly but closed them. I still had pictures in my mind. Some were from a movie I had watched two nights ago called White Noise; they were three solid white men in my vision. I tried to stop thinking of that movie by using another technique. I could hear a buzzing sound. I tried amplifying this sound with much success. It become extremely loud and felt as if it was piercing my left ear drum. I switched to another technique and tried moving my body without using my muscles. I did this by thinking of moving a muscle but deciding not to. This was also quite successful. I went back to my original technique and images of a vivid glowing sea entered into my mind. The sound I had heard earlier had completely disseminated now. Apparently I spent too long on this technique because that's all I remember of it. I must have fallen back asleep. I do not believe I entered the phase, but had success with these techniques especially with the sound one.

Success entering the phase:Unsuccesful

Edit: Now with school starting again, it is simply too hard to find the time to try out these techniques. Therefore, I will be contuining my journey in the holidays when I have more time. However, I am still keen to try out dream conversions should I get the chance.

So, I will try to document as many of my dreams as I remember by having a notepad near my bed. I did once have a dream journal in the past and found my recall of dreams and lucidity within dreams to increase dramatically. When I stopped recording my dreams, I become less and less lucid.

Also, when I recorded my dreams, I had far more frequent sleep paralysis's. I would have to keep twitching parts of my body in order to jolt myself awake. I wasn't exactly afraid but I still tried to get myself to move. Had I known to roll out in this state I might have actually gotten into the phase.

I love recording my dreams as some have come true in the past and overall its interesting to read back upon my entries.
I will now start recording again in the hope I can become lucid within my dreams and perform a dream conversion, but in terms of trying the actual indirect techniques, that will wait for the holidays.

Day 2 (5th, January, 2012):
Today I tried out a new technique involving energy manipulation but didn't work to my success,
I felt sensations of energy moving through body, but couldn't get it to encapsulate my entire being; thus was able to get only a glimpse of the phase. I could see through my closed eyelids my room. I was amazed at the shades of light entering my eyelids; had I continued I may have been able to extend my perception beyond my body. The thing that is strange with this technique is that it often feels like I'm focusing too much on my physical body. it's hard to get my perception to go to my astral body; yet this technique could work quite well for me; if I learn how to use it properly. Hey look, I'm already seeing through my closed eyelids, that's a start.

In order to prove the phase as being real, we got a friend of ours to try and phase to my house whilst I have a piece of paper with a number and a color on it. But we quickly learned something about this kind of test:
when a physical object is involved in the physical interpretation of a real or imagery event from within the phase it often does not end out turning positive results. These types of tests have been tried many times before and rarely ever work. Anyways, I haven't actually entered the phase yet anyway, I think actually seeing one of my friends in the phase might prove it for me.

Success entering the phase:Unsuccesful

Day 3 (7th, January, 2012):
I awoke in my bed, paralyzed, heavy; Suddenly I am lifted 6 feet above my body. My body feels empty; I feel the sensations of my astral body brushing past my physical body.I see my physical body lying in bed, yet I didn't need to turn around, it's like I have a 360° spherical view or at least I am able to turn my view behind me very easily without the need to turn. In this case my physical body looks like it should. Suprised by this and without any form of a plan of action I am suddenly drawn back to my physical body. The thing that is most strange about this OOBE, is that I could feel both my physical body and astral body simultaneously. Like half my perception was on my physical reality and half on my astral reality; quite an intriguing feeling actually.

Success entering the phase:Successful

Day 4 (9th, January, 2012):
I awaken in my room. It's hard to breathe; yet I ignored it. I imagined latching out of my body like climbing a ladder. I walked up to my door; opened it, and walked down my hallway. My vision was faily vivid but not completely; almost slightly blurry. Like my astral eyes weren't fully adjusted to the environment. I was lucid this whole experience, I walked into the lounge room, saw the fan was on however knew I never put it on. I did something odd at this point, without even thinking about it, I used my hand to make the blades of the fan spin faster and faster. I don't know why I did this but without thinking too much about it, I had control over it. Next I walked up to my kitchen window. But before I arrived there, I noticed the sliding door curtain was up when I knew it wasn't when I went to bed. I walked over to the kitchen window; and tried trans locating to the sea. But I forgot to close my eyes. I just tried doing it and thus it failed. I also forgot to palpate and due to failing trans-locating and without any other plan of action I desired (for whatever reason) to awaken in my bed.  I don't know why I wouldn't just improvise a new plan of action but I didn't.

My eyes opened instantly, like I was never asleep at all. I believe I am somehow able to be in two states of consciousness at once because I can almost always feel my physical body at the same time thus why it was so easy to return. I am sure if I focused more on my astral body the sensation of a physical body would disappear but at times I am often uncomfortable doing this as  I fear possibly not having a physical body or losing contact with it(Strange I know).

Now this may seem much like a dream but I don't think so personally. Just because the fan and sliding door differ to the waking world doesn't mean it wasn't an OOBE. In fact it supports it. The astral/Etheric dimension differs from the physical plain and thus is often at times slightly behind. Therefore it is quite possible that it was up at that point in time. It may even tell the future. The reason I say this, is because the very next night, the fan was both on at the same speed it was at first in my OOBE and the sliding door blinds were up too. My dreams have told me of the future on many an occasion so it is no surprise. Therefore telling me dreams/OOBE at least have some form of telepathic communication or something out of the ordinary going on. Interesting experience. Defiantly not an ordinary dream.

Success entering the phase:Successful

Day 5 (14th, January, 2012):
I am lying in bed; heavy; paralyzed, slowly drifting into a trance. I can hear noises around me. Creatures they appear to be.Footsteps. Walking around me, close to me, afar from me; everywhere. They are everywhere. The volume at which I can hear them is soft, but I know they are there.

I'm scared...I am sensing negativity all around me. I decide to postpone the whole attempt. In fact I hadn't even been trying to astral project at the time, it just so happened I awoke in this state. Though that's not completely true...

I actually went to bed at around 2:00 as I was  excited about finally figuring out had to add an auto update feature to my program and was determined to get it working; which I did in the end. Strangely I awoke at 6am which is peculiar for me...maybe I needed to go to the toilet or something...I was thirsty too so that could have been it.

Well I was curious what time it was, and I turned my laptop on; did some stuff for a while. And finally went back to bed at around 8 O'clockish. I had been drifting in and out of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis used to be a common occurrence for me when I used to write down my dreams. When I stopped writing them down; I rarely had lucid dreams and almost never awoke to sleep paralysis. But now that I am writing them down again, I get both lucid dreams and sleep paralysis more frequently. In order to get myself out of sleep paralysis, I would slowly twitch my body awake and shake off the paralysis. This time I awoke in sleep paralysis and heard these noises, and was so scared off it that I literally jumped out of my body headfirst.

It was dark but I could make out some of the creatures around me; black misty creatures around me; much like fog; but a black kind of fog. Strangely enough however, they didn't seem that interested in me; like I didn't exist. I tried to look back at my body, to success. But I was very surprised by the results. My body lying in bed looked more like my astral body than my physical body. Its like my physical body went forward and my astral stayed behind. Impossible though, I would have stepped on stuff on my floor. But I heard no sound when I walked out of my body; thus it can't have been physical. My body lying in bed was glowing and looked semi-transparent in nature. I do not know how vivid the details around me were, because it was too dark to make out.

Suddenly I am shot high into the sky above me, going straight through my roof.I believe I saw some of space but am unsure; it was too dark. Yet its strange, it should have been about 10am at this time; I would expect it to be much lighter outside. But if I truly was in space then this wouldn't be the case. However there was no transition to space. I did not go through the roof; then through the sky; atmosphere etc. I was just straight there. Now this leaves two possible scenarios.  The first Scenario is I trans-located; and use my roof as the object to trans-locate with. This eliminating the transition through sky, atmosphere etc.
The other alternative is, it was just a dream; and probably the most likely scenario too. The fact my physical body was transparent, and how it was dark above me just don't add up to me.

However, not all is lost, though this may be a simple dream, my act of recording these dreams in great detail aids my ability for my mind to remember dreams more efficiently and helps in Lucid dreams and OOBE's.

This also, is not the first time I've had a fake OOBE dream. How an OOBE differs from a dream to me at least, is that in an OOBE, I feel the sensations of my body leaving; my body feels empty. In this dream, my body felt no sensations at all; I didn't have sensations of going through the roof. In fact I wasn't even 100% sure I had left my body until I turned around thus why no sensations could have been felt.
Thus indeed my other "so called" OOBE could have just been a dream. The mind is capable of generating sensations of objects, pain, etc. after all.

OR is it...maybe when we think it is our mind generating these sensations...maybe really our astral body is generating it or really experiencing it. We just may be in a different state of mind oblivious to our waking, walking astral counterpart.

Still, I find nights were I don't get to sleep for ages, I have more success in phase execution. Never means I necessarily succeed but odds are higher. Food for thought.

Success entering the phase:Successful
Master G's Dream Journal

Day 1 (20/12/11):

Tonight, I will go to sleep with a pen and paper close by. I will have the desire and thought of not only remembering my dream, but also become lucid in my dream. It is quite possible I will become lucid but not necessarily the case. Either way, I will record my dreams and this should increase my likeliness. Secondary to this recording of my dreams, I will perform many reality checks during the day and continually ask myself the question: "Am I Awake?" - I will perform the reality check my checking the time through whatever means are available to me.
If successfully lucid, I will attempt to convert the dream into the phase by palpitations. Then I will start to chronologically fill out the goals on my list.

Entry #1:
Though I remember little details of this dream, it is important I document it so that I may have remember future dreams with more clarity, have more vivid dreams and hopefully more lucid dreams which will aid in astral projection conversion.

I only remember small fragments of this dream, but what I do remember, is being on my school bus going to school, I remember I had my laptop out (Which was my older smaller asus laptop; which I don't use now), and I remember someone looking at my laptop and I or he might have clicked on the internet icon; when suddenly a series of tabs which I didn't want anyone to see popped up (I think it might have been OOBE related material; as I am at a christian school and Christians often pass judgement on this type of interest, I do not tell anyone about my interest except a very close friend of mine who actually got me interested in it in the first place.)

The other fragment of this dream I remember, is being at my school library not in the senior section but the junior library. I do not recall whether I was my age (17) or whether I was younger, but I had the notion that I was meant to be relating to child like objects (i.e. picture books) rather than novels etc.

I then was down where the senior section was but it was not the senior section, it was more like a book store almost. Though it was close to the senior section, I know it was not apart of it, rather it was more like an extension to the library. In this section I recall viewing some kind of movie and acquiring some kind of file on a USB which I knew (for whatever reason) I was not permitted to copy. I do not know what the video was I just knew I wasn't allowed to carry it. I was told by a Liberian there that they found an SD card and asked if it was mine. It was mine and she gave it back to me. She then said, that I needed to get a book to read and go upstairs to the junior library. Somehow I interpreted this as a movie but she said it was a book I needed. I then saw a heap of books with the title labelled "OOBE Travel" or "Astral Travel" or something along those lines. I picked up one book, which had the name "Robert" on there. it didn't say "Monroe" on there but I believe that's who it was referring too.

The dream ended shortly after these things had happend.

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Soon a new world will open before me and about 30 others. People will mysteriously "disappear". Where these people go I cannot tell yet but life will be very different I can assure you. Once I confirm what's happend, you will be opened up to something new and amazing. Proof of something more!
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