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Postby Papus » Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:26 pm


In the early morning of Saturday the 10 of March 2012 at approx 5 o’clock I woke up went to the washroom and went back to sleep. I went into a dream and had a false awakening, in the false awakening I told my wife about a dream I was having which is not unusual since I do this every morning upon awakening, and as I am recounting my dream I hear water coming off a tap above my door closet, my wife said this is just like your Out of body experiences, and right away I became conscious and rushed downstairs in order to do the tests; as I am going downstairs I was wondering should I try the food or the angel, I opted for the angel.

I am now in the living room. We just finished major renovation downstairs and my wife bought a beautiful chandelier. I asked to see an angel -my expectation was to see a typical angel with wings- The chandelier started rotating like a disco ball and a column of bright light started descending form the chandelier; I am thinking to myself maybe the angel with ‘wings’ will come out of the column of light.

As I am waiting and concentrating on seeing a ‘typical angel’ I noticed two arms made of the same column of light. I decided to grab the arms thinking that maybe the angel is inside, I grabbed the arms and they gently grabbed my arms, I felt kindness, gentle kindness’. The arms pulled me in the column of light. What was interesting Inside the column was just light, white bright light I could not see anything but light, I was hoping to see an angel, but what I could sense was kindness just kindness. I opened my eyes I was back in my bed with my wife waking up beside me, I looked at her and said I “ I just saw an angel’.

Note: this was the most interesting OBE I ever experienced so far;  there was emotions and feelings that were unusual to me, I tend to control my emotions  and I am quite an analytical person, this was very different, I need to try this again.

Sunday March 11th 2012 at an short OBE I tried food, it was a whole fish that had been smoked, I took pieces of the fish and I could feel the texture of the cooked fish, and the taste was just wonderful it tasted like smoke fish, it was delicious.
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