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Postby Summerlander » Thu May 26, 2011 6:56 pm

I think the key might be sleep deprivation, or frequent sleep interruptions. We get too used to being asleep if we stay in bed for hours upon hours at a time. I'm going to try an alternative sleep schedule, as I don't have commitments that prevent me from doing so.

Try napping prior to the induction of the Phase state. Sometimes I do this...wake up earlier than usual on the day that you plan to induce...keep yourself active during the day...go down for a nap when you feel tired (2-3 hours is fine because that way you deprive the brain of REM sleep)...wake up and stay awake for a couple of hours in order to diminish the sleep inertia symptoms...then go down and induce the Phase. I've done this before and seemed to have separated from the body within two minutes of going down.

In fact I didn't even make an effort to separate because once vibrations hit me I was seemingly spun 180 degrees from the body axis and ejected out. It almost felt like my body was rejecting me because I worked it so hard. ;D
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