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AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:07 am
by APVirgin
I had my very first experience last night and decided to document this and future experiences here.

I decided to take my mobile phone to bed with me.  I downloaded an app that allows me to set a timer countdown which causes the phone to vibrate for 5 seconds when the countdown expires.  The intention being that this either wakes me at the end of a sleep cycle or makes me aware within a dream.  I fell asleep with the phone in my hand at around 11.35pm with the timer set to 6 hours.

I awoke at around 2.20am when my wife got up to go and tend to my 4 yr old son.  He wouldn't settle and so he came into bed with us and I decided to try cycling techniques.  I used phantom wiggling and watching images.  Phantom wiggling seemed to cause movement and so I tried sitting up and rubbing my hands together.  I wasn't convinced I was in the phase as no vision appeared.  I lay back down and fell asleep.

My first experience of the evening follows:

I think this must have launched from a dream because I suddenly remember being in the upstairs corridor of my house.  I had awareness although I felt like I had very little co-ordination.  My vision was similar to what you might expect if very drunk.  I tried palpating and rubbing hands together and things stabalised a little, but still displayed a juddering of the imagery before my eyes.  I then went into the bathroom for a wee.  This proved difficult as for some reason I had an erection.  Very strange. 

I then walked to the top of the stairs and could hear my wife and son downstairs.  My wife shouted up to me that I should get up as it was 10.30am.  I found this very hard to believe and went into the bedroom to check my phone.  I looked at the time and she was correct.  I also checked my emails and I confirmed there were emails received which were time stamped around 10.30.  I then woke and rolled over in bed to see my wife and son lying next to me.  Very weird.  I checked the time and it was 3.05am.

Next I had what I believe to be a false awakening. 

I was awake and decided to tell my wife about my phase experience.  During my recounting of the experience my wife interrupted me by declaring that I had managed to wrap a scarf round my neck whilst asleep at which point she threw it onto my pillow.  She then stated that I had been threatening to children.  This thought appalled me and I woke. 

Again very weird.  I did a sanity check and verified the time on my phone twice.  It remained the same and I concluded I was definitely awake.

Next came my longest experience of the evening.  I again must have launched this phase encounter from a dream as I have no recollection of how this phase began.

I remember becoming aware and began rubbing my hands together to deepen the surroundings.  I could see everything clearly and was definitely in control.  I was with someone else whom I cannot currently remember.  We were walking up a street and my mum shouted me over from the right hand side of the road.  At this point I recalled something Summerlander, or some other forum contributor, had mentioned about dream characters dragging you into a dream and causing a loss of focus.  I shouted that I would help later and continued up the street.

I decided to fly.  It was a great experience but was certainly not as graceful as Superman and I was in a seated position and a little wobbly.  I was rubbing my hands together constantly in an attempt to remain in the phase.  I recognised that I was in close proximity to my old dentists near my childhood home.  I landed outside and knocked on the front door.  I went inside and there was a party of sorts occuring.  Inside were a lot of women sat around in a bay window.  I sat next to one of them and continued to rub my hands together.  Here face came into HD type definition.  She was middle aged and very tanned with a good amount of makeup.  She said something about the fact that I have everything in order in my life and that everything is going well.  I acknowledged this but was wary of getting involved in a conversation remembering some have stated that such things can cause a foul.

I stood up and walked towards the stairs.  She stood up and going ahead gestured for me to follow.  I did.  At this point I felt a buzzing in my hand and assumed this was my phone going off at the end of its timer.  I released the phone in the phase which until now had not been present.  I kicked it across the floor and continued.  The woman was in a room and as I entered the imagery faded to black and I was lying in bed.  I opened my eyes and was awake.

I again sanity checked my phone time and verified that the timer had also gone off.  I went back to sleep after recalling the experience.  To be honest getting back to sleep was not easy after that but I eventually drifted off awaking to my son asking to go downstairs.

A very interesting evening.  I'm glad I'm not back to work until next week.  More phase opportunities to come, I hope.

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:23 pm
by Jeff
Great job! That doesn't read like a first experience at all.

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:11 pm
by Summerlander
What a great experience.  I second Jeff's statement.  False awakenings can be typical with experienced phasers although not necessarily uncommon to newbies.  I remember having loads of false awakenings as a child and having involuntarily entered the phase.

By the way, feel free to talk to the characters you encounter, just be sure to maintain the phase while you do so.  Perhaps it is a good idea to rub your hands and maintain awareness of the nature of the environment while conversing with beings in the phase world.

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:33 pm
by 12padams
Wow great first experience... I have had much longer and more in-depth experiences but my first were nothing like this. It took me 57 days to get a phase of similar quality to this (10 false awakens/adventures in just 20 minutes).

I also checked my emails and I confirmed there were emails received which were time stamped around 10.30

I am interested in how your computer worked within the phase. Did you interact with it or were the emails already up on the screen?

Also did you notice any anomalies while in the phase experience or upon awakening. Yes talking to people often makes people on these forums think "ejection" or "fall into dream". On day 57 I became stuck in the phase and was unable to awaken. I thought talking to my mum would cause me to wake or fall into a dream so I tried using it as a method of waking however I remained in the phase after speaking to her. I felt lucid but I was unable to notice a huge anomaly within the phase seconds after speaking to her. Did you notice you were unable to detect a few anomalies after talking to people (think about it for a minute).

The woman was in a room and as I entered the imagery faded to black and I was lying in bed.  I opened my eyes and was awake

Ah I know that transition so well... But I got Some criticism of your following actions. Don't open your eyes after waking from the phase. Instead imagine yourself in the place within the phase where you just were and try to reenter it. I did this on day 62 and it doubled my phase experience length... If your interested in how I did this read about it here:

Trust me I know the only thing on your mind after waking is writing everything down but you really should try phase re-entry.

Anyway thanks for sharing your experience and good luck for future attempts.

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:13 am
by APVirgin
First of all I forgot to thank everyone for all their helpful posts which I have been reading prior to posting and having my first successful phase.  i would also like to thank Michael for his book and for creating this forum.  The forum is great and its' members are very knowledgeable and for that I am extremely grateful.

I myself was amazed with how good my first experience was as I have been half heartedly trying for a couple of months using Michael's ideas/techniques.  Previously, I used direct techniques learned from various sources.  I am also a member at Astral Pulse and having initially signed up to this forum as Basky, decided to bring over my login from Astral Pulse, for transparency purposes.  So in a nutshell I have been attempting the Phase, as I now know it for almost a year, without success.

I put my success on the 03/01/12 down to the idea to take my phone to bed with me.  I believe this must have created a strong intention to acquire the phase.  Also, I do occasionally like a beer of an evening which during the Christmas Holidays has been hampering my progress, for sure.  I do not drink to excess in any way, but I believe my alcohol free nights tend to bring better dream recall and as was the case on Tuesday morning, my first successful phase experience.

Summerlander - I will try to converse with some phase characters next time.  I just hope it won't take as long to get my next experience as it did my first.  I am an avid reader of your blog BTW, which is very interesting.

12padams - Thanks for the comments.  When I checked my emails in the phase it was using my Android phone which is setup to collect my work email.  I didn't notice any significant anomalies, although I do recall there being an email which was time stamped after 10.30. I didn't question this at the time, despite the fact it would have been impossible, given the alleged time of 10.30am provided by my wife in the phase.  In terms of phone usage in the phase it seemed no different than in real life.  Having said that my brain must be well programmed to use it given the amount of email I receive and the amount of times I have to check mail on a daily basis, lol.

I will read your technique for re-entering the phase and thanks for your comments.  When I opened my eyes after leaving the phase I knew immediately that I should have tried entering again.  I suppose it was too exciting and I wanted to make sure I had good recall.

Thanks again everyone.  Hopefully, I will be a regular poster.

Re: AP's Latest Update 30/01/12

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:57 pm
by APVirgin
I went to bed last night with no intention of attempting a phase entrance.  This is because I like to enjoy a few glasses of wine or beer over the weekend and I always treat Friday, Saturday and Sunday as my nights off.

Pretty much a sound nights sleep followed with my only sleep disruption occuring at around 6.00am, after going to sleep at 11.00pm.

My son had come into my wife and I's bed and had wanted a glass of water.  I went downstairs and poured him a glass.  When I got back into bed I lay down and made the intention to catch an awakening.  The following was very interesting and is my only experience since my phase at the start of January.

I was dreaming that I was in a customer's comms (Communications) room with my boss.  He had asked me to remove an analogue phone line from its' socket which I assumed was no longer needed and coil it up.  I am not consciouss at this point.  Afterwards I realised that I was in fact the comms room of my office and not a customer's at all. 

Point of conscioussness:

Suddenly, I became aware of my body not being in the correct position based on my dream position, which was standing.  It felt as though I was lying down on my back.  I must have gained awareness of my physical body in bed.  This questioning of my physicality caused the imagery to fade to black.  However unlike previously, I then felt myself being pulled swiftly backwards through the darkness and I found myself lying in my bed with intense feelings of vibration all over my body.  I lay there and wondered if I could have entered the phase again but was unsure about how to do this.  Any advice on this particular point would be very welcome.  As the vibrations subsided I opened my eyes and was awake.

I remained still thinking about the experience and considered how strange it had felt to be pulled backwards with such speed.  I had no fear about this and it all felt very natural.

I then fell back asleep and found myself walking up a street.  I cannot remember if I was asked to go to Greenhalgh's (a Baker's shop in the UK) or if I had decided to do so.

Point of Consciousness:

I rounded the corner and saw the silhouette of a lady in the top window.  I decided to float up to the window and did so effortlessly.  It amazes me how this just happens even though I obviously don't have this ability in waking reality.  I went through the window.  Inside was dark and did not appear as expected.  I tried to command light into the room but it didn't work.  I completely forgot to do any maintaining or deepening and everything went black as I found myself lying in bed.

Again, another very interesting final 90 minutes of sleep.  It would seem there is a strong correlation between interupted sleep and the experience of Phase entrances.

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:26 pm
by 12padams
I lay there and wondered if I could have entered the phase again but was unsure about how to do this.  Any advice on this particular point would be very welcome.  As the vibrations subsided I opened my eyes and was awake.

Sometimes phase entry is difficult after a dream fades and sometimes it's easy. You can't always reenter the phase at the end of a sleep/rem cycle. If you briefly awaken in the middle of a rem cycle just remain still and don't move at all. Don't think about your body and your surroundings. Either think about the dream and try to imagine your standing in the same position when it faded or use a separation technique while in the transition stage as the dream fades and then cycle indirect techniques.

Again, another very interesting final 90 minutes of sleep.  It would seem there is a strong correlation between interupted sleep and the experience of Phase entrances.

Very true... Almost all my phase experiences have been because of a restless night with interrupted sleep/insomnia. On restless nights I have the best most conscious phase experiences. Take day 35 on my blog for example in which my fear of getting no sleep lead to false awakenings and dreams of having my sleep interrupted. I awoke in the phase directly after a false awakening ended.

Also staying up for a longer period of time in between sleeping periods e.g. Wake up at 4am and go to sleep at 5am (just don't look at computer screens during this time). On day 77 I tried out the lucidology timer method at 4am in which you stay still and constantly get awoken by beep sounds until you finally enter sleep paralysis which you can use to enter the phase. Sadly I was unable to fall asleep and lay motionless awake while hearing all the beeps. Eventually I gave up and disabled the beeps. As soon as I disabled them I experienced false awakenings while trying to get to sleep. Then during a false awakening I performed a reality check and was in the phase.

Anyway good luck with your future phases... One thing though... Do you have a plan of action? It's hard to determine if your really lucid unless you perform a plan of action which you created while awake. Make it interesting such as translocating to an earlier point in your life you loved and relive it.

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:18 am
by APVirgin
Hi 12Padams,

Thanks for the post.  I really appreciate your input.  Regarding the vibrations/buzzing I encountered after I was pulled back to my body:  Should I allow these to subside and then try a seperation technique, such as rolling over, or should I try and roll over during these sensations? 

I do have a plan of action but it isn't what some might class as very imaginative.  It is the same phase application that you recently posted a comment on.  ;D

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:03 am
by 12padams
Thanks for the post.  I really appreciate your input.  Regarding the vibrations/buzzing I encountered after I was pulled back to my body:  Should I allow these to subside and then try a seperation technique, such as rolling over, or should I try and roll over during these sensations? 

Nick Newport suggests these symptoms are caused by your brain being confused Inbetween physical and nonphysical focus. While attempting to WILD(enter a dream from a waking state) you should Wait for these symptoms to finish which signals your in a completely nonphysical focus.

If you wake in this state you can either attempt to exit or trick your body into thinking your asleep by lying still to enter a full nonphysical focus or you can try to separate early while halfway between states hoping you have enough nonphysical focus to succeed. Micheal suggests amplifying the symptoms using indirect techniques and leaving using a separation technique when the symptoms peak...

I do have a plan of action but it isn't what some might class as very imaginative.  It is the same phase application that you recently posted a comment on

Ah lol It took me a while to work out what you meant... Good luck But you may need to change your name if your successful ;)

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:43 pm
by Michael Raduga
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Re: AP's Latest Experience 19/02/12

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:30 am
by APVirgin
Sunday morning, I awoke at 6.50am to the sound of my little boy wanting to get up.  Typical, an hour before he normally wakes up during a weekday.  This is slightly concerning given the fact I was up playing Modern Warefare 3 online with a friend until 3.00am.  Luckily my wife gets up with him at around 7.40am and I hope to get another 1.5 hours sleep.

I am dreaming and suddenly question the fact.  I am in a room in what I  percieve to be a hotel.  There are a few people in the room and I walk out into a lobby area.  I doubt it is a dream and perform a reality check by pinching my nose and breathing in.  I haven't tried this check before and am amazed to see I can still breathe, what an unusual sensation.

I take in the environment, which is something I haven't really done previously.  I am in awe at how real everything is.  I use peering as a deepening method, looking closely at the palm of my hand.  I see a door to a roof terrace.  It is glass from top to bottom and the frame is brown and metal.  I examine it.  I can feel cool air on my face as I walk outside.  The terrace is concrete and there isn't much to see.  I decide to go back inside.  I observe that the door handle is a very shiny chrome one as I open the door.

There are people milling around and to the right is what appears to be a square bar area with people sitting at it.  I decide to enact my plan of action.  I won't go into detail on this.  During the plan of action the woman becomes a man and this stops the plan abruptly.  Not good. ???

I walk accross the room and see a man with grey hair that I recognise as Dave.  I think this is an old work colleague although, even as I am typing I cannot remember from where.  I aknowledge him and he appears to want to converse, but I don't want to.  I walk down a staircase and desire that he leaves me.  I can hear his voice, but as I come to the bottom of the staircase and round the corner,  he is gone.

I am in a lobby type area and there are doors.  I enter one.  I rub my hands together.  The phase still seems stable.  Within the room, I see my Grandma and one of my sisters.  There are other people in the room but I decide to leave.  I get the impression my brother in law is there too but I don't actually see him.  In the lobby I see a man sat down on a chair.  He is some 10 yards away from me and I notice he has one arm that is unfeasibly long.  He holds it out and I shake his hand and smile at him.  He smiles back.  The length of his arm makes me chuckle to myself as I walk past him. 

I walk towards a counter and there are several women sat behind it.  As I ask if any of them would like to take part in my plan of action the imagery fades to black.  As it is doing so, I rub my hands in a desperate and vain attempt to avoid a foul.

I am lying in bed and can hear my wife and son downstairs.  I feel a re-entry would be futile and I run through the events of my phase in order to cement them in my mind.

I am very happy to have enjoyed my third phase and am pleased that the frequency is slowly increasing.

Almost got my 1st waking phase entry!!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 8:06 pm
by APVirgin
Interesting!!  My first attempt at the deferred method was very nearly a success and was as close as I have ever got to getting in the phase from a waking state. 

Prior to discovering this site and SOBT, I have only ever tried accessing the phase using traditional Astral Projection methods from being awake.

Okay, so last night I went to bed at 2.30am after half a bottle of wine and a couple of bottles of Leffe, Belgian Abbey Beer(very nice by the way).  I woke in the morning to the sound of my son at 7.00am (4.5 hours sleep).  I went downstairs with him and turned on the TV and got a drink.  My wife was in bed.  I went back up with the intention to access the phase roughly 15-20 mins after initially waking.

I lay down in bed and started to drift off whilst still maintaining consciousness.  My wife got up and I decided to put on my eye mask.  I tried again.  I could feel my body going numb and could feel myself drifting again.  I had random thoughts going through my mind and suddenly I heard noises.  It was an intermittent white noise type sound.  I then felt vibrations which were much stronger than the rocking/pulsing I had experienced in the past.  Essentially it felt as though the bed was in the middle of an earthquake.  This came and went and came and went.  I could sense the phase.  However, I think I got too involved in the vibrations and failed to allow them to peak.  I got out of bed hoping I was entrenched in the phase, but rubbing my hands together and palpating the bed resulted in no vision.  I realised I was awake.

Any tips on what I could have done to facilitate an entrance would be appreciated.  I am extremely excited by this new experience and am even more confident that I will reach the phase from a waking state.

Re: AP's Latest Very Short Experience

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:16 pm
by APVirgin
Hi All,

After what seemed to be a long dream in which the atmosphere had turned a little dark:

I gained consciousness when I saw some people floating/flying that had strange, sinister looking eyes. 

It must have been this sight that caused me to query the reality of the situation and I did the pinched noise check and was happy to confirm my presence within the phase.

I immediately jumped into the air and flew off and could see that the sky was full of grey clouds and the dark atmosphere remained.  I closed my eyes with the desire that when I opened them the scene would be bright and sunny.  This failed to occur.  I then saw the grey scene fade to blackness and I was lying in bed.

I tried an immediate re-entry using phantom wiggling but could sense no movement.

I performed no deepening or maintaining and realise this is what caused my quick ejection from the phase.

Re: A Little frustrated with myself

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:06 am
by APVirgin
Hi All,

I awoke this morning at 8.10am after the clocks had changed.  I sat up in bed and had a chat with my wife and son to wake me up a little.  I informed my wife that I was going to try a phase entry and lay back down for a sleep.

Eventually I entered a dream where I was stood outside in my back yard.  I looked into the night sky and saw what looked like a plane.  However on closer inspection it became a UFO which kept flying over.  I called into the house to notify my wife and my uncle came out?!?!

Whilst looking at the sky I was holding onto the washing line above my head.  The sky had changed from a night time sky to a pale blue and eventually to complete blackness as I realised I was lying on my back in bed.

I could still feel the washing line in my right hand and decided to grab it with my left hand and try to pull myself out of my body.  As I pulled, my head lifted and my body moved diagonally in bed and finally my head sunk into the bed.

At this point I was unsure if I was in the phase or not.  I opened my eyes and could see our bedroom and the window.  It was sunny outside.  Damn, I thought, I'm not in the phase.  I closed my eyes again and heard my wife call to my son who was coming up the stairs.  "Don't disturb Daddy, he is trying to get in the phase", she said.  I still had my eyes closed and heard my wife telling my son not to phone one of my customers from my mobile phone.

I opened my eyes and was awake in bed.

What I didn't notice at the first time of opening my eyes, was that I was in the phase.  I need to trust myself more and either roll out or get up in these situations.

I also didn't notice the fact that there was a window where there shouldn't have been one.  Additionally, the curtains were closed in real life, unlike the phase representation of our room.  Overall, very frustrated with myself!!!  Oh well, onwards and upwards.  I am definitely progressing.

Re: Latest Weekend Morning Attempt

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:01 pm
by APVirgin
I awoke and went downstairs for a drink.  My aim was to awaken my senses slightly.  My wife and son were already up and talking in our bed.  I went upstairs and had a chat with them before they got up.  I then laid myself back down for a phase attempt.

I drifted off and eventually fell into a dream.  I have a vague recollection of walking through a car park and then I found myself lying in bed.  I had a desire to complete my plan of action.

I was on my back and I felt an instantaneous vibration through my body and as suddenly as it had appeared, it disappeared.  I remained still and the vibration appeared again.  I tried to amplify/continue the sensation by straining the brain.  I felt part of my body shift out of its' real position.  My head sunk backwards deep into my pillow, much lower then it could have done in reality.

Unsure about what to do next I tried to roll over but somehow felt too much physicality.  I was right and this time failed to enter the phase.

What did I do wrong?  I am sure part of me was in the phase but perhaps I needed to do more.  Again, any tips from the more experienced would be welcome.  I will try again in the morning!!!

Re: 1st of 2 Phases this week - Mon 9th April

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:32 am
by APVirgin
I was dreaming with my son in a beach type environment.  There was a small stone structure that resembled a castle turret and there was a steep ledge of sand that my son climbed up.  I found myself struggling to get up the ledge and started to feel concern that my son was on his own.

I managed to climb up and find my son in the turret.  He drew my attention towards a man in the distance.  I could just about make him out as he was partially hidden behind the fallen limb of a tree.

I went over to confront him.  I tried to use the force on the man and pulled out an imaginary LightSaber and started waving the invisible saber and making the noises associated with such a device.  (I have been watching the Star Wars films with my son lately and have been investigating the idea of buying a Force FX Lightsaber).

At this point, for some  reason I became Lucid.  It was definitely something to do with the Lightsaber and the fact it wasn't working.

As I gained consciousness, I realised the man was just a farmer.  I got the impression he wanted me to follow him but I wasn't interested.  I had my plan of action in mind.  My son was no longer there.  I rubbed my hands together to deepen/maintain.

It was a sunny day and as I looked accross the farmer's field I could see the bright sunlight reflecting off the windows of some 70's bungalows.  I began to run up the field and as I was doing so, I bent down to touch the grass.  I could feel the blades brushing through my fingers as I moved along.

In the distance I could see a quaint cottage with a sunlit gravel area at the front.  There was a woman stood outside.  Momentarily, I saw what I assumed to be her husband and son walk into the building.  The woman followed shortly after.  As I came to the house, I noticed another woman stood down a lane/alley.  I waved her over and she began to approach. 

I then switched my attention to the cottage and noticed the original woman stood in its' doorway.  I looked at her and as my attention focused on her face it became shadowy.  I realised I was losing the phase and as I brought my hands up with the intention of rubbing them together, the surroundings began to fade.  I could feel my bed sheets with my raised left hand and the last part of the image to disappear was the woman's face which became engulfed with the blackness I now saw before my eyes.

I was awake in bed!!

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:49 pm
by Summerlander
I watched all the Star War films with my 8-year-old son, too.  My favourite films were Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi.  Darth Vader is awesome! ;D

By the way... the cottage in your phase experience... did it look surreal, like a cottage made of candy or something out of a fairy tale?  I only ask this because I saw beautiful cottages in the phase a long time ago and I experienced an emotional surge...

Hence the name "Summerlander".  I call it my "Summerland experience".  It really had an impact on me.  Kinda spiritual. :)

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:09 am
by APVirgin
Hi Summerlander.  I read about your experience on The Astral Pulse and I must say it sounded amazing.

I've yet to encounter this in the phase.  Although, I have had experiences of a very emotional nature in normal dreams, which I cannot stop thinking about during the day after.

The cottage, in my experience, was similar to that which you would see in the Lake District.  A lovely scene helped by the sunlight enhancing the whole environment.

The Star Wars stories are, in my opinion, amongst the greatest tales ever written.  My son has seen all but The Revenge of the Sith.  He is only just turning 5 and that film might be too much at his age.  In fact, I forgot about the Sand People bit in Attack of the Clones.  Fortunately he was distracted at that point.  He is a great fan of Darth Vader and Darth Maul.  He always likes the bad guys.  ;D

Darth Vader is one of the greatest villains in movie history and both The Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi are, without doubt, my favourites too.  I get tingles down my spine at the end of Sith, when Vader takes his first breath through that mask.  Then the full circle is completed at the end of Return of the Jedi when Vader destroys the Emperor, amazing.  Great films!!!!

Re: AP's Experiences in the Phase

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:41 pm
by Summerlander
Haha! :D

Love it! I felt nostalgic when Anakin Skywalker goes to mustafar to kill the separatist leaders because they play Vader's tune and I instantly remembered it from watching the old films as a kid!  8)

Re: AP's Latest Experience 25/03/16

PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 11:22 am
by APVirgin
Hi All,

It has been a few years since I have posted here as I lost focus on entering the phase. Anyway, I was reading about Lucid dreaming yesterday and about a technique I hadn't come across before called the FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream) technique. So, with renewed focus I decided to give FILD a try this morning and had immediate success. This is probably the easiest method I have ever used to enter a lucid dream. Outlined below is the process for those who do not know.

Firstly, go to sleep as normal for roughly 6 hours. Wake up and then immediately try to go back to sleep. As soon as you feel yourself close to sleep, start to lightly alternate moving your index and middle finger as though you were playing a piano but only very lightly, don't use an amount of force that would cause a piano key to depress fully.

When I used this technique I felt a change in my body as though my hand floated slightly. At this point I tried a reality check. I moved my arm to my nose and could feel my bed covers as I moved my arm. I thought to myself, "I'm awake here, I can feel the bed covers". However, when I pinched my nose and breathed in, I couldn't believe what happened, as air passed through my nose as though my fingers weren't obstructing my nostrils.

I was in the phase!!

I got out of bed and whilst rubbing my hands together I opened my eyes and had full clarity of vision. I looked around the room and it was daylight outside, as it was in real life (around 9.00am real time). There were curtains in front of the window, unlike the blinds that cover them in real life. I went over and looked outside. It was sunny and a couple of people were walking up the lane in front of my house. I wanted to get through the window but when I put my hands against the window the glass was solid. I questioned whether or not I was in the phase or awake. I did the breathe through the nose reality check and confirmed I was in the phase.

I went to my son's bedroom window and looked into the back street. I saw someone I didn't recognise and went back to my own room. When I entered my bedroom, my son was trying to wake my physical body on my bed. I was worried that this would bring me out of the phase. My son spotted me and came over. He advised me that I was awake and this again caused me to question the reality of the situation. I did another test and could breath through my nose but it felt like it would if I had a cold, a little blocked, so I confirmed by looking at a magazine that was on a table near the window (there is no such magazine or table in real life). The words had changed when I glanced back and I was now 100% confident.

I went downstairs and past my wife on the stairs. My son followed asking where I was going. "I'm going to the shops", I said. I went out through the back door and into the street at the rear of my house. The sky was bright blue in the back street and looked so clear and beautiful. It was warm and I decided to try to fly. I jumped and felt myself take off slightly but I just kept coming back down to the ground. I saw a neighbour in the wrong backyard. As I was jumping and trying to fly, I shouted, "Hello". "You're drunk" he responded, which amused me. I continued to the end of the street and saw another couple of neighbours walking along. As I got closer to them I felt the phase fading. I tried to rub my hands together, but my hands were stuck in the sleeves of my top and there was nothing I could do to stop the fade to black.

I'm very pleased to be back in the phase and will certainly be trying this technique again.

Re: AP's Latest Experience 19/02/12

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:13 pm
by Frederic
AP, could you please tell us what app you downloaded to your phone to vibrate for 5 sec? Mine is an IPhone and I want an app that will wake me (either vibe or ringtone) and do it once only. Thanks

Re: AP's Latest Experience 19/02/12

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:29 pm
by Frederic
Also I have an IPhone which I'd like to hold while sleeping, in order to wake me at 6AM. A bonus feature to this plan is that upon awakening from a dream I say to my phone "Hey Siri voice recorder", and then I can voice record my dream! And I have a big wooly sock to cover my hand so I don't drop the phone. Is this cool or what? Please phasers comment.