Was your first phase experience exactly like you thought it would be?

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Was your first phase experience exactly like you thought it would be?

Postby 12padams » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:15 am

Here I am interested in if people's first phase experience was what they thought it would be. Post your expectations and your results here and see if they were similar to what you thought... If you have not entered the phase yourself yet feel free to write down your expectations and later edit your post to include the result.

I had wanted to "Astral Project" (a spiritual term for entering the phase) for 2 and a half years. In a year 11 English class we had 40 minutes to write a story about a Journey... That gave me an idea to write about what I thought it would be like if I astral projected for the first time. My original story (in diary entry form similar to how I post my real experiences on my blog) has been inserted below:

Out - By Phillip Adams

I dragged myself stumbling into my bedroom with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  "There is no God" I told myself. "If there was he would help me through my tough situations." I felt angry and depressed as I felt my life falling apart.

I couldn't take it any more so I got into bed using it as my escape to the world. I lay there in silence with memories of the day swooping in and out of my mind. I visualised my thoughts as balloons and one by one let them go flying into the sun and popping out of existence.

As the storm in my mind grew weaker and the ocean calmed I felt myself getting deeply relaxed. My mind became as blank as a white canvas while a blanket of relaxation encapsulated me even deeper. All feelings of my body drifted away and I no longer felt the need to move any part of my body and general reflexes such as swallowing were pulled away from me into the darkness.

Suddenly I felt a sinking feeling almost like my bed had become quicksand but I remained calm and moved with the flow of my thoughts. As the sinking feeling past a new feeling of extreme heaviness came over me. It felt like I was underwater in a diving suit which had run out of air and I needed to escape it. I heard a buzzing noise blast into my ears as vibrations started moving through my body. I tried moving my arms and realised that I was able to break free of this weird force that was encapsulating me.

As I broke free I felt myself slowly floating upwards. Suddenly I could see again yet my vision was different. I was in my bedroom yet I could see behind me, in front of me, up and down and both sides of me without moving my head. I had spherical 360° vision. I slowly drifted away from my bed almost like a cloud drifting in the air. My mind flipped upside down once I discovered that my body was still lying in bed yet looked asleep.

My mind raced to reach the truth of where I really was. I started to direct my thoughts away from the body that was lying on my bed and on me seemingly out of my body. I pulled my hands out in front of me and saw blue flowing transparent energy, my mind could not make sense of what I was seeing, where I was or what was happening. Was I in another dimension, another realm or another plane of existence. In my altered state of consciousness I felt more conscious than I ever felt before, almost like my whole life I had been sleeping and I finally had woken up in the real world.

I decided to explore however my movement seemed jumbled. I didn't appear to have the legs that properly moved me through this place. I then concentrated on the door of my bedroom and found myself pulled to it like a magnet. I felt myself move through the door as if it were made of water. The discovery of my thought being used to navigate the world worried me as I slowly felt myself moving to familiar yet unfamiliar territory at the same time.

I wondered whether I should return to my body that was lying on the bed or if I should continue my journey. I didn't want to walk out into the unknown yet at the same time my mind was racing with excitement to explore this new world.

I slowly floated from room to room around my house yet discovered it wasn't exactly the same as I thought it was. Furniture that seemed like it was hundreds of years old seemed to exist side-by-side with my modern and known house. Textures and patterns of the walls and carpet seemed to greatly differ to how I remember and know them. It was like the room I was in had been entangled in the strings of time forming a knot combining elements from different time periods together.

I slowly drifted up out of my house into a further mutated reality. Buildings and structures I'd never seen before seemed to surround my house. They looked yellow, paper like and had weird inscriptions on them. Some of them seemed to replace houses I knew and others seemed to be merged and intertwined inside them.

I saw movement on the streets and the instant focusing on the movement sent me to it. The closer I came the more I realised what I was seeing. The street was filled with small creatures yet none that I ever seen before. There were dog-like and cat-like creatures that barked at me almost telepathically. Some looked hungry, others lonely and some violent and vicious. One of them started to cling on to me like a lost child finding it's parents.

Waves of fear swept over me as my new surroundings frightened me. I slowly felt myself being forced back to my house as if a rope was pulling me back to my body.Looking down I saw a silver faint line connecting me to my house directly to where my room was.

As I got pulled through the wall back into my bedroom I saw a dark ghostly figure hovering over my body. Upon seeing this I felt myself jolt back into my body as I quickly sat up in my bed back into the normal world again.

My new experience opened my eyes to the world as I felt a great sense of accomplishment. My journey into the unknown dimension sparked a new hope in my life that there really is a God and there's more than just the materialistic world we live in.

------------------------------End Of Story------------------------------

My Marks for the story: 60%
The reasons for the poor marks are below:
Not creative enough... (How can this not be creative... I had never written about obe's before this and no-one else had even written about it in my school)
There was no journey... (lol just because it was a non-physical Journey and had no physical movement involved it doesn't mean that there was no adventure/exploration)
No self-growth... (An atheist becomes a believer in god... Thats growth... Although I admit it was a sudden change)
Sounded like a new age drug trip... (I guess the teacher was not very open-minded... Still that's no reason to mark me down since it is a unique story)
Language was not sophisticated enough... (Well I am in the lowest english class so... I thought I did well for my class...)

Just for another opinion I gave it to another teacher and they marked me 80% without looking at the previous teachers mark... That proves that english marking is unfair...

First experience:
Anyway now for my first phase most similar to this one... Day 35... (my first phase on day 19 is not worth mentioning)
I performed a reality check during a false awakening and tried flying to the moon yet found it miniaturized on my bedside table. I used my mind to move the sun and partly went through the ceiling of my bedroom and put my hand through my bedroom door. For those interested in my full descriptive first experience (who haven't read it yet) you can read it here: viewtopic.php?p=4117#p4117 (the actual phase entrance part is in blue text)

Its very interesting to see how the phase experience itself as well as the method of entry into it was totally different to how I expected... Whats everyone else's opinion on their first phase to compared of there original expectations? Remember to write your expectations here if you havent entered the phase yet :)
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