Inducing or treating Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder?

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Inducing or treating Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Postby 12padams » Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:57 am

Dissociative Identity Disorder (originally named Multiple Personality Disorder) is a mental condition in which a person seems to have multiple people/personalities inside them. Every now and then the "host" (original person born in the physical body) loses consciousness (commonly called a "blackout") and finds themselves somewhere else after some time has past without memory of what they had been doing. This event is caused by another person/personality within them taking control for a period of time.

These personalities (known as "alters") act separate from each other and can communicate with each other. A person (host) can have personalities of differing intelligences, memories, ages and genders.

For an example of what effects this disorder can have on a persons life I have included a real world example which I randomly picked from a dissociative identity forum. Below is a quote from a person who blacked out for a day and woke up with a tattoo(this happened just yesterday):

I had a blackout yesterday that lasted until this morning when i woke up i found i had a new tattoo on my left wrist i have asked and all my alters say they are just as surprised as me my main worrie is itll happen again.

This guy was able to ask all his alters if they took control and got the tattoo... But none of them had done so... Eventually he realized that a new 5th alter was inside him and it's now his job to attempt communicating with and finding out about this new "alter". I have included the alters he knows of below to show how realistic and different they can be:

Kadssdak = male 23 Host (poor spelling, passive, analytical)
Paige = female 21 (intellectual, analytical, creative, girly girl)
Sara = Female 19
Tom = male 15 (Angry, aggressive, short temper)

For those interested in seeing this post or checking out the forum you can find it at this link:

Now this disorder has always fascinated me and I have been wondering if the phase can cure or induce this disorder... For example could you find someone in the phase and ask them to become one of your alters? (inducing it)Or could you meet an alter in the phase and tell them to "go away"? (curing it)

Anyone care to do a few experiments and post the results here??? I may do something like this in the future but I have an important plan of action which I wish to complete first...

I believe some experiments using the phase to control this disorder could be quite interesting since within the phase our subconscious is able to generate random people with personalities and histories without us. We can talk to truly unique people within the phase so why not bring them into the real world and allow them to control our physical bodies?

What does everyone think of my theory... Feel free to give any opinions you wish and good luck for those who wish to experiment with this :)
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