Re: Floating in My Head and Ears Ringing When I'm Awake

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Floating in My Head and Ears Ringing When I'm Awake

Postby Th3TruthizInThere » Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:07 pm

Is it normal when practicing the technique of listening in to have popular songs play over and over again in your head (like they do when you are awake?) Is this a sound I should try to intensify for separation?  ???

I have been pretty frustrated at separation attempts (yes, I know I should blow it off as no big deal, but I want to have a conscious experience of separation) :-\. I get all kinds of weird sensations, sounds, and tingling, as well as feeling different body parts settle like a house- especially small extremities like toes. I feel my head floating inside my head too, but when I try to separate, I always find that it is the physical counter-part that moves. I can't seem to get this concept of movement without muscle down. I have even tried just blasting out of bed with  my eyes closed and standing up as soon as I have the first hint I'm waking- but my whole body is standing there (I stared at my finger to verify). Grrrr...! >:(

Finally, when I am in a full waking state, like today, my ears are ringing and there is a rushing sound, I feel this kind of separation in my skull, and I am more sensitive to "tingling" in my body than usual- especially in my head and neck. Is this normal? I have had separation that seemed like it happened as a dream, and I have gained lucidity in dreams as a phase, but really, really want to have that conscious separation- any tips other than what is in the SOBT Guide anyone? TIA! ;)
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Re: Floating in My Head and Ears Ringing When I'm Awake

Postby clearchoice84 » Sun May 20, 2012 3:38 am

Th3TruthizInThere i have been experienceing the same things as of late. The high pitch sounds and even the feeling like your floating in your head happen to me seems like all the time now. my body feels so heavy and numb where i could only move my physical body if i really really forced myself to do it.  but im kind of stuck as to what i should do next when this kind of stage happens.  i think we are close friend so all i could say is keep trying and keep practicing.  i think were on the right track...
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