A obe question.

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A obe question.

Postby Zon » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:24 pm

So I have been trying to have a obe it does not seem like I get to the vibration stage, but when ever I try to have a obe. It feels like I'm at my desk sitting and not laying down in my bed or somewhere else other than my bed. Is this a sign that I'm getting close?
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Re: A obe question.

Postby 12padams » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:51 am

It sounds like you are focusing a lot on your body and the feelings you're receiving from it. Overall this is not the best way to go as any focus on your body with bring you further back to the physical rather than the nonphysical.

What you need is to experience what it's like to be out of your body. Once you have had that experience your going to find it a lot easier to enter the state from an awake state since you know what it actually it. My recommendation is to try and induce false awakenings and use them as your phase launch pad. These occur mostly when you interrupt your sleep, spend a lot of time trying to remain concious while falling asleep and have good dream recall (1 dream per night at the very minimum)..

So what I want you to do right now if you haven't done it already is make a plan of action. For example "fly to the moon". Once you have a plan then think of a way you can interrupt your sleep (an alarm at 4am). Lastly whenever you wake up know that you may not actually be awake but instead experiencing a false awakening. So before you do anything after waking pinch your nose with your fingers and trying to breath in. If you're in the nonphysical phase world then you will feel cold air run down the back of your throat. Once that happens just perform your plan of action and DON'T GET DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING.

If you haven't already seen it here is a video of one of my earliest phase experiences. Basically I had a lot of interruptions throughout the night and had difficulty sleeping. This induced countless false awakenings and eventually I expected them so much that I performed a reality check upon awakening. Check it out here and try to do the same: http://youtu.be/xtWwcAStO54

Good luck :)
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