My first experience. I'm looking for answers.

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My first experience. I'm looking for answers.

Postby miniqarp » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:24 pm

Hello, I belive that I may have had my first sleep paralysis / OOBE about an hour ago. I just ate dinner, tierd from work I thought I'd take a "Power nap". I laid down on my bed and instantly feel asleep. I don't know what happend, but I was just standing outside my house and the dream was really, I mean extremely real. I was standing by my front door to the entrance to the apartments and a black silhouette wich was really blurry with a shape I can't describe was just a feet away from me. The best was I can describe it by the shape was nearly like a skeleton but even though how hard I tried my eyes couldn't concentrate on it. Also it was really bright outside there was no source for the light it was like every object and everthing was illuminating light from it. Then it started trying to touch and reach out to me, and its fingers was as the only was I can describe it rubbery? When it moved its hand the fingers seemed to stretch out to touch me like its fingers became longer and longer as it reached out, when it did. I got some really extreme shivers I can't even start to describe them either, it felt unreal. I've never felt anything like it before. Just shivers going from the tip of my toes through my whole body. I started panicking then I heard a voice in my head going "It's allright Michael, don't be afraid" Then I remember feeling some kind of force just pulling me through the walls and everything into my body again, just the feeling of being pulled back like I weighed nothing at all. I woke up on my side. I opened my eyes and tried to start moving thats when I noticed that I couldn't move. I was completely paralysed. It felt like being trapped under my own skin. Even though how hard I tried I couldn't move. Thats when I heard the voice again. "Michael, calm down!" I started panicking trying as hard as I could to move then it just released me and I just jumped out of my bed and ran out my door into the kitchen. And later on I started doing research on it and here I am.

What the hell happend to me? What was that voice and that black silhouette?
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Re: My first experience. I'm looking for answers.

Postby Summerlander » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:29 pm


First and foremost, let me start by saying that you cannot be harmed in that state.  Secondly,the voice is right when it said that it is all right and that you needn't be afraid.  You also seem to have experienced sleep paralysis.  Don't worry, it is normal.

In here, we don't differentiate between OOBEs and lucid dreams (which is why we simply call it "phase" or "phase state").  You will find with experience that, whether you gain lucidity while dreaming or apparently separate from the body into a slightly altered replica of the world you know, the surreal reality you encounter is of the same nature.  It is the world of the mind.

I recommend that you read SOBT and learn about techniques that will help you to prolong and intensify your experiences.  If you find something scary, I know it is hard not to run but try to turn around and face it.  Try to understand it, show interest and compassion, ask questions.  This can prove to be beneficial.

Next time, when and if you meet the black silhouette, ask something like: "who are you?"  Give the figure a chance to explain itself.  I know it takes guts but in the end it will be worth it. ;)
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