Help needed, only partial separation everyday

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Help needed, only partial separation everyday

Postby epilogue » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:54 pm

I have been getting oobe everyday now for the past 2 weeks. But unfortunately, never got out of bed, always struck somewhere due to partial separation.

When I try rotating, I separate easily but at the time of standing up and separating fully, I feel so heavy I can't move my body. My hands are moving but can't pick up my weight.

When I try levitating, I easily reach the ceiling, but can't make any other movement after that, just up and down and finally waking up in body.

I tried rolling but, struck in the abdomen. I even tried forcefully, still I can't get it completely out.

Everytime I try to open my eyes while half separate, I see different places. But opening my eyes actually lasts for only 1 or two seconds when I return to body completely and everything is over.

Is opening my eyes hindering me? Should I keep my eyes shut until I get complete separation? How to separate in this scenario? Please suggest.
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Re: Help needed, only partial separation everyday

Postby Luna » Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:18 am

Are you too tired?

I have noticed that on the days I attempt to enter the phase when I haven't had enough sleep, I am "stuck" at one point or another or I get really confused and have no control on my attempts.
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