Initial separation and separation after indirect technique

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Initial separation and separation after indirect technique

Postby phasemancer » Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:58 am

I have managed to separate after using indirect techniques. In these cases I just get up from bed like I would after a normal awakening, but since I'm already in the phase, I get up in the phase. However, I still feel a bit uncertain about how this relates to separation directly after awakening. Am I supposed to be in the phase the first five seconds after I wake up? Is every awakening a short time false awakening, followed by a real awakening?
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Re: Initial separation and separation after indirect technique

Postby 12padams » Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:35 pm

This is a really good question in which I have often wanted to know the answer to. I will say however that I did read the "advanced" section of the practical guidebook which states that you awaken every morning in the phase which is when instant separation or deepening can get you into a phase experience without the need for cycling.

That actually gave me a lot of confidence and the next morning after reading it I had that in mind and boom, sat up fast after waking, preformed a reality check and guess what... I was in the phase! Still it was a simulated phase experience so I can't yet confirm myself that it works but if micheal says it does after 15 years of research... I guess you can safely say "yes".

Remember that for it to work you must have a fully conscious awakening. In other words the second a dream ends and transitions to waking you must sit up or roll out. To increase your chances of a conscious awakening makes sure you have good dream recall. The better your dream recall, the better your unconscious recall and the higher chance of phase entry.

Good luck :)
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Re: Initial separation and separation after indirect technique

Postby phasemancer » Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:07 am

Interesting. Awakening consciously is probably the thing I struggle most with at the moment, it happens some days, but most days I just wake up to a semi conscious state where I'm not dreaming any more, but I'm not really awake either, and then I'm often rolling around and stuff before become conscious enough to start remembering stuff and thinking about techniques.

What are good methods of practicing awakening consciously?

What I've found is:
* Affirmations before sleep, remind yourself to awakening without moving and opening your eyes
* Do the techniques as soon as your remember, even if it's too late, as it will help you remember doing them earlier
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