Inconsistent sleeping patterns

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Inconsistent sleeping patterns

Postby Molecule » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:17 am

Hi guys,

I am keeping myself busy with the indirect techniques for a few months now (on and off) but have not achieved the phase yet due to my own mistakes but I will keep trying of course. The biggest problem seems to be moving when waking up and also my very inconsistent sleeping pattern which makes me very drowsy when I wake up. I have yet to finish a full series of 4 cycles of the indirect techniques without drifting back into sleep (if I don't have to get out of bed immediately upon awakening anyway). In general I am sleeping about 5-6 hours per night which is not enough as most of you guys would agree with I guess. Sometimes I sleep even less and sometimes a bit more. I can't remember the last time I actually remembered one of my dreams in detail...which is also one of the symptoms of this inconsistent sleeping pattern I guess.

I read in the SOBT manual that the forced falling asleep method is the best way to start the cycling as it practically nullifies the effects of moving when waking up. I also remember Michael mentioning that the success rate went through the roof during his seminars when this technique was applied first thing. I can be very disciplined in what I do if I put my mind and willpower behind it but when I wake up in the mornings it seems as if this skill is "on holiday" so to speak. In other words I lack a huge amount of discipline the moment I wake up.

My question now is if any of you have experienced the same or similar situations AND how did you handle it to achieve the phase in the end.

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Re: Inconsistent sleeping patterns

Postby Summerlander » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:01 am

I've been fortunate enough to always have consistent sleeping patterns. I guess the best thing you can do is not worry so much about whether or not you are doing the right thing. Remember that the phase is something enjoyable that you would like to experience - this in itself can help you to stay awake during indirect cycling. You must also choose appropriate times for practice and make sure you sleep well. Keep in mind that the deferred method is a great boon that can biologically prime you for whatever type of phase entrance you choose.

An alternative at the moment could be the dream consciousness method and this is probably how I would go about it if I was in the same situation. This will obviously entail improving your dream recall, performing reality checks, setting up anchors, and having a strong intention to become conscious while dreaming. Once you manage to enter the phase in this manner, you will experience the joys of being in such state and thus acquire a reference point for motivation when you do decide to retry the indirect method.

You can also attempt separation upon an awakening without movement having fouled from your dream consciousness phase experience. Phase re-entry can help you to become familiar with successful separations upon awakenings and even the algorithm of indirect techniques in the light of inspiration and motivation.
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