Being Completely alert during Phase

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Being Completely alert during Phase

Postby batbatwai » Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:59 pm

Hi, i am from Hong Kong. Before I read the SOBT written by Mike Raduga, I had practiced a lot of other techniques to achieve "Phase" and "Lucid Dream". However, all of my previous Lucid dream and Phase experience were also very dull. I found that I couldn't stay completely alert during phase, that's why all my previous "phase" experience usually were ended within 1-2 minutes. Last month, I started to practice the method taught in the SOBT. I agree the indirect technique is very easy to handle. Yet, I met the same problem as my previous "phase" experience: my consciousness was very dull during "phase". I have tried the deepening techniques. It did help to amplify the sensation of palpating. However, my sight was still very blur and unstable. I am very dissatisfied to my "phase" experience. I think it would be very meaningless to practice "phase" if i can not become completely alert during "phase". For now, as for me, my "phase" experience were just like a little bit clearer and more memorable "dream".

Are there any way to fix this problem? to make us stay completely alert during "phase"?
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Re: Being Completely alert during Phase

Postby Summerlander » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:33 am

Implement techniques to deepen and maintain. The trick is to cling to the optimal degree of the phase state spectrum. Follow instructions dilligently and not for the same of appearances. Make sure you heighten your sensations in the phase, too! You want to promote conscious awareness and you can practice this during the waking state too. Take heed of what you encounter, remind yourself of being in the phase and have an interesting plan of action to carry out. The more conscious you get the more memorable the experience will be as consciousness and memory are interrelated. It's all in The Phase guidebook. Revision helps.
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