Lucid Dream About Having An OBE?

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Lucid Dream About Having An OBE?

Postby digitalvygr » Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:04 am

I am pretty sure I had my 4th OBE in as many weeks last night. But what was odd was that while I was sure when it started that I had entered full on OBE, some parts of it looking back made me wonder if it was a lucid dream about entering the phase.

I had actually just been attempting to practice sleep paralysis while going to bed, so I did not expect to be able to project as it is not the optimal time. But my sleep paralysis became very complete, I heard ringing and rushing sound, got some slight results from phantom wriggling, and finally projected out. But this one was weird in that I briefly looked back at my bed and didnt see too clearly, but sensed my wife worrying about me. At the time I figured she had heard me breathing heavy, so I was trying to tell her I was just projecting but had to leave the room or it would pull me back. Of course, she did not hear me, but at that moment I felt myself want to leave the room and it was like I got shot out at a high speed from a virtual canon at a 45 degree angle.

I wound up in a room in a house. I got my sight better and was excited to see my hands for the first time ever in full sunlight (after really having to strain to get cobwebs out of my eyes and have clear vision), making this OBE the most realistic by far! It was also the first time I went from projection directly to somewhere else like that and skipping a walk around my apartment. I had naively assumed that I would just keep exploring around my apartment until I tried translocation, etc. Did not really have time to do a normal POA here because it was an environment I did not expect. I looked for a mirror in that house but saw some guy walking around, he looked semi-translucent and did not notice me. Later outside I interacted with people, and at the end of it I saw two vortex spiral looking structures that would never exist on earth, one rose out of the ground and another directly out of water. I was filled with awe that such things existed and tried to fly above them, but felt a drag of sorts at my back and this seemed to prompt me to think of my body and sure enough boom, back in body. Tried to exit again but no luck, it was about 3:30 am (I had gone to bed at 1 am and probably spent a good hour and a half or even maybe 2 hours awake playing with sleep paralysis since often I have a hard time sleeping anyway, so this seemed about right timing wise).

Anyway, it doesn't seem to make much sense to have a dream *about* projecting, but the fact that my wife was not up when I projected in real life seemed a bit off to me, plus the fact that I spent so little time in my room and then randomly transported to this other place made me wonder.

So I guess my question is if anyone else has had a similar experience, where you were sure you projected, and definitely had a projection like experience, but that enough elements of it seemed dreamlike that you later thought it was possibly a lucid dream ABOUT leaving your body?

I had a ton of other dreams after this that I remembered, despite probably only getting about 4 hours of sleep total that night, and some of these were slightly lucid...

Anyway, just happy to have had another one amazing experience after over 2 weeks with nothing. I knew I should not worry, but I certainly did miss them, patience finally paid off :-)
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Re: Lucid Dream About Having An OBE?

Postby Huntaa48 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:32 pm

It is hard to tell if there is a difference between Lucid dreaming and Out of Body Experiences. Most of my phase experiences are like what you mentioned about having cobwebs in your eyes, (Good way of explaining it) but I have had one, think it was one of my first where everything seemed so realistic! I met a friend, well summoned her outside my apartment door. The detail of her was so extraordinary! Her voice, clothes, and looks! And my apartment too, everything seemed the exact same as in real life. It was short lived though...
Anyway I do believe that leaving your body is quite different to entering a lucid dream. I am starting to wonder whether the vibrations and jet engine sounds have something to do with entering the real world in your astral body. Not sure but from experiences I've heard Astral Projection can be obtained and used to explore the real world. One story told by my Grandma was of someone she knew who left her body and ended up exploring somewhere on her street. She went into a house that she had never been inside before and noted all of the details of furniture, wallpaper and everything else. Anyway, later when she woke up she went to the house and told the person at the door what had happened and told the person who lived there what the inside of the house looked like before even going in. And I also think this might have been from the same story; a person living there thought they had seen a ghost on the same day.
Hope that story was of some help to your question.

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Re: Lucid Dream About Having An OBE?

Postby digitalvygr » Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:26 am

Thanks for the reply :-) I hardly check or post here anymore, but have had so many more OBEs and LDs that I now understand the difference. LD and OBE are indeed similar, yet to me the mode of entry to the experience is what distinugishes one from the other. Many LDs happen when you simply wake up already in a dream and realize it is a dream. But when you feel yourself leave the body to get there, that is an OBE.

Projections where you are in an environment you recognize are generally called Etheric projections. I have seen places the way your grandmother has, the Etheric is the closest analog to the real world. Astral is a level above that, with different sublevels. Then you get to something called the mental plane. I have hit this a number of times now, it is more like symbols and fractals and energy. Above that you are in a formless state referred to as Causal. This is more of a nondual awareness, I have only been there a few times and for brief moments.

As for the engine sound, what is likely going on is that your body is releasing natural DMT in large quantities compared to normal dreaming
. The same effect occurs to those who smoke it or have it injected. Watch the Spirit Molecule documentary to find out more about that, fascinating stuff!
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