Rolling out vs blanket

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Rolling out vs blanket

Postby vstachu » Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:59 pm

so im trying to separate but im stuck on first technique.
im always sleeping under blanket and when i wake up i roll and i can feel that im pulling blanket with my body than i stop and do cycle . ( no phase )

1. should i be able to feel blanket when i roll correctly ?
2. when i will roll out of my body and be in phase will i see my body next to me ?

once i fell out of my bed " Dont worry about falling out of bed (...) Just roll. " p208
i know "without using any muscles" but i dont understand that parse

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Re: Rolling out vs blanket

Postby Delracman » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:14 pm

1) Well, you should be able to feel yourself roll like you would in real life, so if your blanket rolls out with you in real life then yes, it should. (though I'm not quite sure about this)
2) 1 main aspect of OBE's is that when you are out, you should see your sleeping body in bed, so yes, you will.

By you falling out of your bed once, do you mean physically? When trying to perform an OBE, you shouldn't move physically.

By "don't move any muscles" they mean visualize yourself rolling out of your bed, and the feeling and sight of it, but don't actually roll out of bed in real life.

Hope this helps.
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