Phisical colateral effect - please check this!

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Phisical colateral effect - please check this!

Postby Felcas » Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:09 pm

Hello everyone.
Before going to the point I think it is good to give some background.
My nose have been blocked for my entire life, it is a medical condition that didn't let me inspire from the nose, I had to use strong medicine to unblock but that was not healthy so I went thru a surgery to open my nose, since then I inspire well, but it is somewhat still blocked, thus when I am on winter it is normal to get it completelly bloqued again.
I am trying OBE for 15 years and I never ever got a hint of something happening until I found Raguda's book and the indirect technics, then in my very first attemp I had a very interesting experience however I didn't achieve the separation.
Enought of background

I wook up and didn't move, with closed eyes I clumsy and sleepy started the technics, in no time I started to feel something strange, the buzz that we all hear if we pay attention during the day got louder and louder, a feeling of painless eletric shock and cold and heat took my bely, then the buzz changed tone and finally I felt my entire nasal cavity contract at once! In an instant my nose that was partially blocked become completelly cleared, air went in large ammount and I could even feel it was colder. I only felt this in my life if I had used some strong medicine to unblock at once.

Then you think: of course! you was separating that is why you didn't feel your nose anymore. I thought that, however, because other factors the experience didn't go long enought to completely separate and I gave up after several minutes, I made sure I was not already in the phase and my nose was still unblocked, it slowly came back to normal.

Since then I tried 4 more times, unfortunatelly none was soo strong as the first time, however everytime I get this phisical effect of my nose unblocking completelly which fade off after about 10 minutes I end the experience.

Another interesting thing, the buzz that acompany us everyday got louder for me, the entire day. Before I had to pay attention to hear it, now I hear almost all the time, but that does not bother me, for the time.

What you think about this fenomenon, specially the nose thing? Did anyone ever heard about it? I looked on the internet but found nothing.

I thanks all feedback
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