Nearly did it, again...

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Nearly did it, again...

Postby FateTrader » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:13 pm

Since I am on holidays, I have some time to do it and for last 4 nights I've been trying to do it without any luck. I think I know where the problem is, after first wake up with alarm clock (although I usually wake up before it) I didn't stay awake long enough. I just seem to missed all the REM wake-ups.

This night I set up my alarm clock and once again I woke up about 30 min prior to it. So I just sat down and read a little about oobe for 10 min, when I went back to bed I thought I will try something different, to relaxed myself into the trance, which to my surprise worked and in about 15 min or so I heard the familiar buzzing sound in my head, so I just tried to concentrate more on it and when I felt it was the right time I tried to leave my body. I made it to the sitting position but it felt like my body was holding my "soul" or whatever, kind of like there was between us a rubber band holding me back, I just couldn't get up. Unfortunately I have totally forgotten all about the techniques like the line, rolling out and so on... It is so annoying another opportunity wasted.

Did you have similar experience with your body trying to hold you back?

I am going to try again tonight, no giving up.
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