My 1st Post - success & questions

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My 1st Post - success & questions

Postby EzzoLucid » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:32 am

Hi everyone, after months of a handful sporadic poor quality lucid dreams, unsuccessful WILDS & DILDs, lots of frustration, I somehow found myself here (i think is was via a link in CosmicIrons SSILD post)

Anyways, ive not tried a DEILD before and i read your posts and videos (and have ordered your book on Amazon) and last night i tried your technique as follows

I woke naturally after 3 hours of sleep (as usual). At this point i would normally attempt a dild which rarley works but this time (adhering to your advice) i instead made an intention that the next time i woke up i would not move and would try to seperate. This is what happened ...

I woke up 4 hours later and tried to 'seperate' but i got up for real, done nose plug RC and it confirmed i was awake. I got right back into bed and started cycling. First i looked at my eyelids 9nothing), then i tried the arm wiggle thing from your video (nothing), then i listened to the humming in my ears (nothing), then i tried to rotate (noting). I then went back to eyelids, then on the arm motion wiggle. I felt like i had lifted my 'dream arm' a bit. I got up, done nose plug and ........ OBE! :-) I found myself flying slowly and had a lucid dream showing that your technique works and i guess im another 100% success story

Anyways i have a question which i cannot find the answers to.

1) I know the techniques but WHY does it work. If i awaken from a dream then i thought there would be some Nrem to go through before hitting rem again so how does the technique put me back into REM straight away? Also if i awake from a dream then im awake right? Right??? and if im awake then how does the technique throw me back into a lucid dream / obe if im now awake and theres nrem in front of me??

Bit confused. I know that I could take the attitude of 'who care, it works so why does it matter' BUT i do like to understand what is actually happening to make your technique actually work. I thought if i wake up then im awake and there Nrem there !!?! Confused :-/

Thanks guys
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