Indirect Methods and Sleep Positions-Sleep Pattern-Schedule

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Indirect Methods and Sleep Positions-Sleep Pattern-Schedule

Postby WhoIsLikeGod » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:15 pm


Some days ago I've had my first successful OBE with indirect methods, I was only able to separate partially but I've clearly been conscious out of my body for about a minute.

I used the Indirect Methods upon awakening, with my surprise it worked since I went to bed really late and woke up just after a few hours.
(You can read my Blog "Riding down the Astral" on the Practitioner's page for the detailed experience)

Now I'm really struggling to get back out there, with the holidays I've been having all kinds of troubles keeping a good and even sleep pattern, I always wake up too tired or too awake to succeed with Indirect Techniques, therefore I'm getting a little frustrated since I really loved my first experience and I look forward to make good skills out of this Methods.

The first thing that concerns me is how to apply Indirect Methods upon awakening in sleep positions different that on my back.
On my back I feel very comfortable applying my favorite techniques such as Phantom Wiggling, Swimming and Rubbing Hands, I find the position "neutral" for these kinds of movements.
When I fall asleep on the side or rest on my stomach though I don't feel as much comfortable in applying the techniques upon awakening, my hands and arms are not parallel for the Phantom Wiggling, Swimming is also not very natural when in curled positions or with the arms randomly positioned, the same for the Rubbing Hands technique.
I like these techniques because I feel they work best for me, especially the Phantom Wiggling, I've been able to feel my energy arm many times even tough I completed the OBE just once.

If you feel the same way, how do you guys manage to applying the Indirect Techniques when waking up on your side or back?

Also, for the future, is it helpful to keep an even sleeping pattern and maybe integrating the deferred method, sort of approximating a schedule for my sleep and awakening cycles?

I try to apply the Indirect Techniques after every awakening, also, after my first experience if I try to apply some kinds of Direct Method I find MUCH easier to get into light sleep paralysis, but I don't get any further than that, I feel my first OBE triggered some "empathy" with the sleep paralysis, which was much harder to reach before my OBE.

Thank you, I really look forward to improve and make much progress in the future.

Happy New Year everyone!
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