sweating when trying indirect tech

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sweating when trying indirect tech

Postby afgclick » Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:54 am

hey everyone  ;D  i have only recently come to know about astral projection and have read the book. I find it amazing and hope I can experience it soon.

last night I tried a few times to use the indirect techniques however i started feeling really hot and started sweating. can someone tell me if this is normal?
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Re: sweating when trying indirect tech

Postby CKing71 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:31 pm


Whenever I get into bed to sleep, any time of day or night, my foot begins to shake, side-side, up-down and so forth. A few months ago, I decided to just go with it to see what happens. Soon it was my entire leg shaking, then my other leg, then my pelvis, abdomen, chest and shoulders. My entire body was shaking, I felt as if I was jogging in place.
It was uncomfortable for me at first but soon started feeling pretty good. I allowed the shaking to come-on to me, whenever it wanted too. It's invigorating now and after a while It turns into a fairly high, full-body vibration. It often feels like someone else is doing it for me.

As long as it doesn't hurt you in some way and no harm comes to you, let it be and just observe it for a time.   

Be well
Be Well Everyone (King, C. 2013)
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