Possible First experience using SOBT

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Possible First experience using SOBT

Postby LittleVic23 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:53 pm

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post! I believe i may of had my first experience using SOBT last night.

I went to bed at 10pm and set my alarm for 4am. While drifting off to sleep I used the following Mantra "When I dream, I realize I am Dreaming. I remeber my dreams when I wake".

Alarm goes off at 4am I get up out of bed have a glass of water downstatirs and go to the toilet. I affirm to myself I will stay still when I wake and perform the separtaion techniques. I go back to bed after about 10 minutes.

When I eventually wake up in the moring about 7am I recall 4 dreams and remember trying separtion techniques. I recall one dream more than the others where I remember rolling out of my body but actually not believing that I had done so believing that it was my physical body that had got out of bed? Thinking I had failed I get back into bed. I now know that I dreamed this as my vision was very hazy and I remember looking out my bedroom window and seeing stars and other imagery (not sure what though). It was quite a short experience.

I hope this will be the start of a great adventure. I seem to be remembering my dreams more and more recently. Hopefully I can now go one step further and realize at the time I am dreaming/OBE.

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Re: Possible First experience using SOBT

Postby LucidDreaming » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:08 pm

Well, my advice would be not to mix "Becoming conscious while dreaming" and "indirect techniques." You will overwork yourself. :)
Anyway, great experience, the start of a marvelous adventure.
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