Dream Conciousness Phase Entry - More In-depth than we first though!

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Dream Conciousness Phase Entry - More In-depth than we first though!

Postby 12padams » Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:53 am

We all know how dream consciousness phase entry works. You enter a dream normally and then suddenly you realise something is not right and boom!!! Your in the phase ready to perform your plan of action. Or are you...

Simulated Phases/Simulated Lucidity has always been a real wonder for me. You act like you are lucid but in reality your not and instead just dreaming that your in the phase. I have become both lucid and "fake lucid" (not actually lucid but acting like it) from events occurring within dreams. What is the difference between these states though??? How can one dream of being lucid and fly/palpate/perform reality checks but not actually be lucid. It almost throws the whole logic behind dream consciousness out the window...

Below I have included two tables from the back of my eBook which list all my real (conscious/lucid) phases and my simulated (non-lucid dreams of phase experiences) phases. Feel from to go get my first eBook from the link below to read them in depth by going to the corresponding day in the book. I myself just cant work this one out... What does everyone else think?

Link to blog/eBook: http://obe4u.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=2
(spelling mistakes will be taken care of in next version of ebook)

Please comment on what you think about simulated phase experiences and why they don't cause actual lucidity but remember that they are different from low lucidity phases!

Look forward to your comments, Thanks :)
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